Sunday, 30 September 2012

oh i do like to be beside the seaside........

..oh i do love to be beside the sea!
we are so lucky to have a hideaway home in Lyme...
..we run there whenever we can... relax, recharge, and snuffle for treasures.....
...there's something so therapeutic about being by the sea....and saturday was such a glorious day...
..i just had to put on my 'new'
vintage Liberty print blouse....i bought it in a local charity shop 
to use as crafting fabric....
..but once i'd got it home and found that it fitted, the scissors were swiftly put away! 
these are the street lights along the promenade...
it is definitely a stylish place full of artistic, creative people and shops......!
.....this little bambi was one of my squirrel finds yesterday..
i couldn't resist those big eyes..
..the gorgeous card is by 'dicky bird' designed by my talented cousin must visit
her site....
squirelling is definitely in the genes! 


  1. What a lovely place to run the print too! Ada :)

  2. is a very special place :)

  3. That is indeed a lovely card Vanilla Squirrel!
    Love from Dicky Bird x

    1. .....i am a real must come and visit us in Lyme one day!...thank-you for saying vanilla squirrel x


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