Sunday, 29 September 2013

kokeshi cuties.....

...i have had it in mind
for quite some time...
..that i'd like to try and make
my own japanese style
kokeshi art dolls...
..i love the simplicity of their
sweet faces...
....just a few painted dots or lines..
ko-ko' kokeshi available in my etsy shop
...and then their very simple
body shapes decorated with
florals and stripes...
...well i just so happened to be
in my lovely local craft emporium
...when i spied some fabulous
felted beads in all sorts
of amazing colours....
...i immediately knew their destiny...
..and snaffled a few into my basket...
...only to rush home...
....and set to work....

(i love this bit...putting fabrics,colours
 and lace together...looking for inspiration)
....this is my work in progress...
she's nearly there....
...just a few little extra tweaks needed...
...i am so close to having a little
bundle of them complete...
...back soon with the finished dolls!
...stitching in front of 'downton' tonight methinks...

p.s. small claim to fame that in my former life
i played the wife of the gorgeous new love interest
 'michael gregson' in a musical!
 (many moons ago ...he he ..secret squirrel???!) 

p.p.s gosh and i just remembered.....jude law was our son!!!



  1. Love your material kokeshi dolls ! Very cute .
    The bike in front of that store is remarkable too !

  2. Must learn how to's the velvet bow that does the trick every time. EE xx

    1. oh i'm sure you snaffle already but don't know you're doing's much like snuffling but there is more a sense of urgency and the goods are shakily purchased, stored in the cheeks and rushed home for crafting to ensue!x

  3. Oh Mrs Squirrel, she is just the sweetest little Kokeshi doll ever! Can't wait to see her all finished.
    And I shall watch Downton with renewed interest this evening for a glimpse of your former stage hubby ;-)
    Happy new week,

  4. So, so lovely ... I do love a kokeshi ... Bee xx

  5. Your little dolls are genius! You are so creative...please tell me you'll have them in your shop soon, I have a dear friend whom I would love to give one to! Chrissie x

    1. thank you Chrissie.....they'll be in there as soon as they are finished....promise! x :-)

  6. Replies
    1. he he....almost forgotten it seems a very long time ago! x

  7. They look Oh So beautiful !!! I love them, love the fabrics, love the hair, love everything about them!!! You are a very clever squirrel :-)

    1. gosh thank you julie (vanilla has gone pink)x

  8. Oh lawdy! did you ever have to kiss your "son"???
    Love your dolls but just love love love their hair that is so clever!!

    1. showbiz darling....but you never kiss and tell! x

  9. That's lovely, a really original idea.

  10. I love them! Well secret squirrel, keep dropping in those little snippets ever now and again! :) x

  11. Oh you're so right - just a few lines and dots can give such character. Sadly whenever I try they combine to make the character evil or depressed looking - must try harder! Jane x

  12. As always a beautifull selection of vintage ideas :) love it
    My dear friend I´m making a giveaway join in and make me a visit ...

  13. They're fabulous! What a fab idea :)


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