Tuesday, 10 September 2013

...they call me the wanderer.....

...do you ever get distracted
from the task in hand?
...well i do...
...all the time!

yesterday i woke with a mission...
i needed some fabric..
...i knew exactly where to go
(the dorchester curiosity centre - i've taken you there before)
but it was high risk...

...because there are so many lovely things...
...it can be very distracting
for a squirrel on a mission!

...so it comes as no surprise
that 'en route' to my fav fabric stall...
...i fell in love....

...with this amazing retro kitchen unit!
it was perfect...
in an 'orla kiely' kinda way
that made me just stand and sigh for a bit...

...after coming to terms with the fact
that i was there for fabric...

...and that my love would have to remain unrequited...

....i pootled on only to be confronted with this:
...yup another amazing retro kitchen unit...
this one was a lovely pale blue...
...just look at those compartments!!!!
(i also loved seeing fred there too)

having never particularly contemplated
a retro kitchen unit....

...suddenly there i was...
...finding beauties at every turn...
...and contemplating:
(a) how i needed one
(b) how marvellous it would be to have one
(c) what treasures it could hold
(d) how stunning it would look in my home
(e) where it could go
(f) how i could possibly afford one!???? 

..it was at this point i remembered....
what i was actually there for...

...and contented myself with this teeny basket
of treasures...
(which i was very pleased with indeed)

...and the fabric of course!
(phew i remembered)

does this ever happen to you?

p.s. do keep an eye on my etsy shop as i am adding new things all the time!


  1. All the time, but I do manage to come away with something small usually like you did and feel rewarded and fulfilled - sometimes half the fun is just the imagining and pondering over those big 'desirables' and by the time you get home, you know 10 good reasons why you were right not to be tempted!

  2. uh oh....I forsee trouble ahead....and a bigger house needed?
    d xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Haa! I believe that once upon a time I walked into my favorite antique store to "only look", and I walked out with a huge vintage kitchen cupboard! You did great to leave with your little basket of things!
    Love your dolly and fabric.
    Erica :)

  4. I do this kind of thing all the time - I have a retro kitchen unit that I bought three years ago on a whim (hey - it was an amazing bargain!) and it is in the garage waiting for me to find just the perfect spot...Chrissie x

  5. A girl can dream...It all looked perfect
    Thea xx

  6. ooo do you know, when we brought our house 9 years ago it had no kitchen and i begged my husband to let me deck it out in 50's cabinets like these.his was an adamant NO which i bent to as it is very rare he ever has an opinion about house stuff, so i knew he must really hate them...but at the time you could get these units for pennies...nobody wanted them!!!! It makes my head spin now at how much money they make! I ADORE THEM!! and can i say...i collect deer and white swans so your final finds had me jumping up and down with glee!!!

  7. Ooh you were very good, weren't you, don't think I could have resisted the first one though ... I remember having one of these as a child ... no fitted kitchens then!

    Love Claire xxx

  8. I think you should think yourself lucky you actually remembered what you went there to buy, and bought it, in a few years time unless you've written it down you won't, believe me!

  9. What a great place to look round...I would need lots of pennies and a truck for all the stuff I would like to buy...

  10. It happens to me all the time - I'm very easily distracted! I'm embarrassed to admit that I once had a kitchen unit (pale blue)but I (and I can barely say this...) got rid of it.... I know. I'm a complete and utter fool and it is my one big fat regret to this day. xx

  11. Those kitchen units are amazing!!! All the little drawers and doors they have..... So much fun! :-)

  12. oh yes, i know this feeling all too well, its having to stay focused get what you are there for.....and then go and get a huge piece of cake to make yourself feel better......yep, know it alllll too well. x

  13. You are a squirrel of great determination and drive!
    Well done indeed on completing your mission x


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