Sunday, 8 September 2013

.....etsy update.....

...thank you so much for all your well wishes....
...the vanilla squirrel is back on form
....and has been busy stitching... hanging lavender owls...
..made from vintage blankets
...and decorated with vintage doilies
and ribbons...
(those little beaks are leather and they hang from suede thongs!)
....joining them in my newly updated
....are a few other woodland friends... take a peek...
....and join me for some chocolate cake!


p.s.....hate to say it but c*******s has started creeping in
....the badgers are just too excited already!


  1. ...Thank you my dear squirrel for such soothing words....thank you.
    Pixies do miss woodland life. xxx

  2. They are the sweetest doily-enhanced lavender owls I have ever seen. C*******s creep?...Are you spreading rumours because you want your nuts early?

  3. Just gorgeous, amazing what you can do with a doily!! The C*******s adverts are beginning to fill the tv and the cards are already in the shops. Nothing like being prepared! xx

  4. Your owls are just gorgeous! The woodland creatures look very happy with the first mention of c*******s... Chrissie x

  5. Those badgers had better calm down - they'll be out carol singing before you know it! Glad to hear you're back on form x Jane

  6. i LOVE your new lavender owls - gorgeous - just been over to Etsy to have a look and a fave - they are on my wish list :)

  7. I love the owls, so very clever and so very pretty
    Thea xx

  8. Oh I am sure that chocolate cakes is just heavenly.......she is just to adorable.
    Lavender owls.......gorgeous.
    Love V

  9. Ooooh hope litle squirrel all better now?....Owls are too too divine darling!

    bestest d x

  10. ~ Owl babies story book sprung to mind on seeing these little sweeties....I LOVE their little innocent faces....So very special, miss Squirrel! OOh can't be thinking of the BIG C, just yet! am off on me holidays just now! Summer twinkles to you ****** Maria X glad you are beating the pesky bug virus's! chin up me deary....

  11. You have been a busy-bee..but stop saying that "c" is way tooooo early for such talk!! Liz xx


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