Wednesday, 17 April 2013


....i have loved this gorgeous donna wilson plate for ages.... imagine my despair when I dropped it
just after my lovely mum had bought it for me!!!!!!
luckily my mother is used to my clumsy tendencies.....
..and very generously went straight back to the lovely
and replaced it!.......phew!
..note to self..... not carry items of worth into public toilets....!
this fabulous notebook was another amazing gift from mum....
I have been very spoilt!


  1. ~ Glad you are a little clumsy! Sorry but I thought it was just me...LOVE the plate...And Mums...Well they are just the best! ~ Treasure her! Have a 'Twinkly' kind of day **** Miss Squirrel! We have the most lovely sunny one! Yippee! x Maria x

  2. I chipped a 70's plate of my only set, washing up.. it just slipped... not happy but it is still usable! What a lucky girl you are to have such a fabulous Mother... I know mine would not have been so forgiving... hope this one lasts a lifetime intact! Cx

  3. Oh my, fumble fingers be gone lol What a good mum to get it replaced. Now you can rightly enjoy the weekend.

  4. Oh what a lovely mum ... and what gorgeous goodies ... you obviously deserved to be spoilt ... Bee xx

  5. When life gives you a broken plate.....moasic something!xxxxx

  6. Oh dear Oh dear! thank goodness for mums....dearest Squirrel what is that photo deleted thingy under your posts??? does it need a fix???
    D xxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Ps! keep the pieces and do a garden mosaic...easy peasy...?

  8. Completely felt for you when you said you dropped your lovely plate. Luckily it was one you could get again and your lovely mum came up trumps. Stupidly I balanced some handpainted white milk glass plates on the drainer in a higgeldy piggeldy pile the other day. Most of them smashed on the floor and I wondered why I'm such a div. Love your notebook loads too.

  9. What a lovely plate and notebook. What a lovely mum to buy them for you and even more lovely that she replaced it for you! Hope the sun shines on you this week. M x

  10. Oh you must have felt awful ..what a kind Mummy you have
    Thea x


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