Tuesday, 2 April 2013

.....a friend indeed......

..you know when somebody really knows you when....
.....they give you the perfect gift....

....for who else would know that a 
sad-eyed, one-armed naked dolly would make my heart skip a beat?

...or that this beautiful old tin
was just the thing i was needing?

....or just HOW much i love 
homespun dishcloths?
.....so thank-you
you are a special friend indeed


  1. Love the tin - not sure about the doll - always been a bit wary since the 'Child's Play' films! Jane x

  2. Good friends just get us don't they!! When no one else does! :) x

  3. Oh a friend in deed!!!!! The cookie tin is so sweet and miss Dolly has found a perfect home.
    Love V

  4. Oh this make me want to home spin a dishcloth as I just returned to crocheting this year. My great Aunt has eyebrows just like Dolly and I think they use the same rouge too. I do love vintage tins.

  5. Love the tin! I think that the doll has such sad eyes!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. Fabulous! Nothing better than a real friend knowing what makes us tick. It always overwhelms me when I get such gorgeous things from friends, they all know me so well (either that or I make sure they know what I like :o)!)

  7. Miss Sqirrel! I still have the other bit all ready to post.... butso busy crocheting....love love D xxx


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