Thursday, 27 June 2013

....mission impossible..... the beginning of the week i ran away...
....i could see the rest of the week
was going to be manic.... decided to escape to our house in 
lyme regis... was definitely therapeutic...
....although the sun was struggling to
break through those clouds!

....but i had a list of jobs that also needed
ticking off whilst i was on my 'jolly'.. really wasn't my day...
...nothing was going my way and it felt
like a mission impossible... i called in to see my lovely friend
for a bit of moral support...

....oh and these goodies!
...yes whilst bemoaning my despair 
my eye was distracted by a lovely 
new delivery from dicky bird..
(squirrel!) that made me feel a bit better
(thank you caroline)

..time was running out so i decided to cut my losses in lyme and head for bridport...
...a quick dash into the vintage quarter...
(loved this old fairground duckie
but he wasn't what i was looking for)

.....this is my favourite shop in bridport..
cornucopia is a vintage haven
of clothing, fabrics, kitsch....

....thought this would be cute
with my new orla kiely dress
bought on ebay at a bargain price!
(hat sorted!)
couldn't resist this little chap either...
you know me....

...things were looking up..

i also foraged this pretty tablecloth...
....lovely colours and all those stitches...

....and this lovely statue of a little dutch boy 'bartje'.....

...but i never did quite tick 
all those boxes..
...and some of those jobs
which seemed so vital on monday...
...somehow don't seem to matter so much today..

...i am up early this morning 
as i have the busiest weekend of the year ahead and my mind is too busy for sleep...
...fingers crossed for some sunshine
as i have 200 people for lunch on saturday!

..have a lovely weekend
and do pop over to the shop
if you have a moment
as i have restocked my shelves!


  1. That sounds like a successful mission in the end! LOVE your dress & little hat. Oh my word...200 for lunch?! Eeek... You go, girl. Have fun :-)

  2. 200 ... is that a typo??!! Glad you enjoyed your time at Lyme and found a few little treats. I guess we won't see you at Frome on Sat then! M x

  3. So many great pictures. It looks like you had a good time.

  4. Ooooh lovely things, we've just booked a cottage'll have to give me tips on where to shop! :) x

  5. All I see and hear of Bridport it makes me wish I could teleport down there. I liked the idea of your taking off leaving family in situ. What a fabulous dress love the ties on the back. I must get my ebay havit back as clearly missing a trick or two.
    Good luck with that super huge lunch. x

  6. What lovely finds, am so jealous of your time in Lyme and Bridport I do wish we lived closer ~ Sarah x

  7. love all ur gorgeous finds...and dont worry, my list of things to do is pages long!not sure if ill tick all my boxes.

  8. Soooo behind with all me favs on here! please forgive me...Ooh wish I was a tad bit nearer Lyme too! Wonderful spot to visit. I LOVE your pretty dress..I really do! Its gorgeous and you will look the bees knees, I am sure! Most especially with that 'cute hat' Ooh la la! Happy new week to you! hugs Maria x


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