Friday, 14 June 2013

..when is enough enough???

..or 'when does love become obsession'?

...when you have a squirrelly gene...
(like many of us do!)'s just second nature to hoard away
items we fall in love with...
...'collecting' if you prefer.. starts with a 'coup du coeur'.. this darling tin i found on ebay...

...i saw it and knew i had to have it...
...i loved the illustration...
...and there were those red shoes of course...

...and then a few months later...
woo hoo!!! i spied THIS one... wellies and cute piglets 
running around the sides...

 ..well it matched the other one..
...and it felt almost too good to be true...

...oh and then...'ve guessed it...
...another one to add to my growing hoard/collection....
when to stop?
even i can appreciate that space is running out...

...but i know if i find another one...
i won't be able to resist... it love? it obsession?
when do you know when to stop?

maybe just move house!?!


  1. i collect tins and i don't want to say obsession but if 1 came up i wanted!!! x these are ADORABLE!!!

  2. I've been given the most gorgeous gift today by a wonderful friend who 'gets' me, but where do I put it, it display its gorgeousness?! Help! I've no space! Yep, I know what you mean!!! :) x

  3. You are doing a fine job tidying and organising the world and keeping pretty things together. It would be chaos without us hunters and gatherers. Eco Ethel xx

  4. It is not an obsession - tins are classed as storage darling! These are particuarly adorable - all those red shoes!!!!

  5. Just put up another shelf - sorted! lol

  6. I agree with Humphreycumfycushion and marksgran!
    Julie xxxx

  7. I have two of the same tins! The top and bottom one! KP has purloined them and they are in her bedroom being used as storage for hair grips. So pretty and a storage solution too.

  8. Weirdly I think I am nearly at the enough stage....I find myself I need it? Where will it go? It is a phenomenon I am surprised at when it occurs. It may pass.. on the other hand ... sometimes I think it is time for a change... might even be quite therapeutic! :-) xx

  9. I just left you a lovely comment and it disappeared into the ether.... :-(,,,
    I was saying that I am nearly at the enough stage...I find myself saying do I really need this....where Will it go? It may pass....but I,m thinking maybe it is time for a change? It may be quite therapeutic? a new fresh clean canvas.....maybe? Xxx

  10. Sadly I have never known when to stop! family will vouch for that! Lizzie


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