Friday, 7 June 2013

...thank heavens for little girls.....

...having a daughter is the perfect excuse
for indulging in a few little
 kitsch accessories..... 
....i wouldn't get away with these 
in my bedroom....
....there's only so many critters 
one husband can take at a time...

...and different levels of tolerence..
(ie. old plastic dolls=no)
...but these little guys slip nicely 
into my daughter's room 
without being noticed.....
....i can't bear to walk away
from little lost faces....
...which does result in a surplus of little
lost people needing new homes..
....these are a few of my latest 
squirrel finds...
...that are now listed in my etsy shop
....just in case you have a daughter's room
(or similar!?!)....

i am pretending that the wild thunderstorm 
outside isn't actually happening..
...hope you have a lovely,SUNNY week-end!


  1. What lovely things for your daughters room, my excuse for all my girly bits and pieces is that I'm the only girl in a house full of boys and they can like it or lump it xx

    1. ha ha....of course!'s a very good excuse X (ps. thank heavens for little boys too! x)

  2. Replies
    1. well they can be quite dramatic but think i'd rather have hot sunshine for a bit now!X

  3. Yes thank heavens for little girls, I can't wait for my daughter to play with dolls and teddies having little tea parties like I did, I have accumulated lots of lost faces in her room too.

    1. ....well to be honest little girls don't always play like you think they will....for all the little dollies and tea sets i had in place for my daughter...she didn't really embrace them as much as me and my sisters did at her age......still look cute in her room though (and she does play with them sometimes!) x

  4. I suspect my grand daughters room which I am doing for her at the moment will turn out to be one of these kind of rooms! Its nice to have a girl to decorate for because I had two sons.

    1. oh how lovely for your grand daughter...hope she likes pink!x

  5. The thunder was very loud but I didn't care cos I am feeling very very brave today!!!!

    ....I saw little pink bun yesterday.... is she a salt or a pepper pot????

    I love her but knew you would love her more.....

    latex!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. I feel your frustration, living with 3 boys leaves no room for pretty little things :(

    But I try to slip things in slowly and seem to not be able to resist a lost face too xx

  7. What a cute collection! I keep sneaking cuties & furries into our bedroom!
    Looking forward to the Bunny your Etsy shop!

  8. very cute! yes, I have also found that having a daughter has enabled me to collect a few pieces of awesome that I probably love more then her!! but she's a great excuse for getting them! x

  9. What lovely things! I adore that bunny - and now she is mine :) She will be well looked after!


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