Tuesday, 11 March 2014

....friends reunited.......

...after much searching....
...and many failed ebay bids....
...today i found myself a vintage sindy doll!
...i discovered her in one of my regular squirrel haunts.....
....somebody must've cleared out their collection
because she was there with a big bundle of sindy sisters......
....so i even had a choice.....
i opted for one with all her limbs intact, big hair, sweet face...
....but sadly no pants!
....she's a cutie though and brings back 
lots of childhood memories...
...all i need now is a 'pippa' and an 'amanda-jane baby' doll...
(oh and some sindy underwear!)
....my little etsy shop has been very busy....
...but i have been replenishing my stock
with lots of cute bits and pieces ....
...so do keep an eye open....
...just in case there's an old friend
you might need reuniting with?!?

.....hope you are feeling springy!


  1. This post has brought back memories for me too... my lovely Dad brought me a commemorative Sindy back from Wembley in 1966 when we won the World Cup ... unfortunately as I was only 5 I didn't appreciate the greatness of her and gave her turquoise eye shadow with a felt pen ... wonder what she would be worth if I had kept her in the box, not loved her, adorned her and just took her down and gazed at the beauty within? That was never going to happen ...

    Thanks for the memories xxx

  2. ~ Sweet memories, Miss Squirrel..Ooh and so very glamorous, even with out her 'drawers' soo to speak..I was a Pipp a girl, I had them all....Britt, Tammy and Marie, being my favourite!! Happy Wednesday to you...I have a blog visitor calling on me today! ( Made me think of you and Miss Daisy meeting up with non other than Hettie Brown..Happy Wednesday to lovely YOU!...Hugs Maria x

  3. I still have all of mine, including the 'grow her hair' version! X

  4. Ohhhhh Sindy & Pippa dolls, I used to play for hours with mine! I wonder if my old Sindy house is in my parents attic, blimey the dolls might still be there too. I don't think my boys would be pleased though! A lovely find for you.

  5. What a brazen girl she is ... get her some knickers quick!! I never had a Sindy, just an Action Girl! M x

  6. Ooh the checked flowery fabric is gorgeous. When I was about 10 I found a Sindy doll in the sandpit at my local park. I rather foolishly swapped it with a friend for a gonk. It's one of my few regrets.....xx

  7. Oh, I LOVED my sindy doll (and pippa too). What memories seeing your doll has brought back - all those outfits I made for mine! xXx

  8. Oh I love Sindy! I still have mine. She's still with me after being dunked in the bath and paddling pool - not to mention being thrown out of windows hanging from a piece of string! (my brother and I used to play Tarzan and Jane with our action man and Sindy) Such memories. x

  9. I can remember my first Sindy doll,, she had a tweed skirt a knitted jumper, sensible flat shoes and neat hair........and no make up......I have no idea what happened to her, probably got lost in one of my many moves..x

  10. I was reunited today at the boot sale with a tetley tea man puzzle my sister and I used to do when we went to stay with my nan. It brings back happy memories x ps I would live a Sindy doll house for my little girl xx

  11. Love that no knickers Sindy - see-through dress, ooh, what a floozy!


  12. Thank you for showing us sindy again hx

  13. Oh the memories ... I had Sindy and her horse ... heaven knows where they are now ... Bee xx

  14. I used to have a very similar Sindy, I washed her hair which made it a bit unruly, and bit all her fingers off her right hand, poor thing! I found you via Lazy Daisy, you have such a lovely blog!

  15. So happy you have found Sindy (the girl you will love to dress)
    Thea xx

  16. Great memories! I still have my Sindy collection..and her sister Patch..and some clothing..... x

  17. I have just found your lovely blog and loved the pics of the Sindy doll. My favourite book growing up was my Sindy Gift Book (1965) which I still have, although it is falling apart now. Some of the pages from the Double Trouble story were torn but I was able to use some of the pics and made some retro cards :)


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