Monday, 29 October 2012

...little bunny feet....

...there's something about little feet...
...and little baby bootees....

..... these vintage buns were bought on one of my first dates with my husband.....

....he thought i was mad....
(but reader he married me!)

.....oh and these.....

..and these.. own treasured favourites that belonged to our little bunnies!


  1. aah.lovely little bunny feet,love the cushion and your babies first shoes too,so cute,happpy monday xxxxx

    1. .... The bunny slippers even have little sheepskin furry bob tails which you can't see in the picture.... They are very cute and very tiny( tried to put them on my son when he was first born but they didn't quite fit!) thank you for your happy thoughts...... Happy mondayto you too! X

  2. Well those are just the cutest! Cozy toes in adorable booties! Hurray :)

  3. Hi there hazel......squidgy baby feet are so adorable....have a happy day x

  4. Hello again..
    There is something so sweet about little feet!
    Especially Bunny tiny feet...
    They are adorable.
    Wishing you a magic half term break, with your little ones...
    love Maria x

  5. Oh I love little feet too!! I think we have rather the same loves Mrs Squirrel :-) love those bunny slippers x

  6. ...who doesn't love little baby feet? ..... Hoping all little feet are well catered for today as mine are freezing!have a lovely day x

  7. Awe..those bunny bootees are just the cutest!

  8. I know what you mean - I have a love for 1950's baby shoes especially the ones with the little button fastenings. The little bunny slippers are just soooooo cute.


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