Sunday, 25 November 2012

....lost love.....

....when i was a little girl... mummy made my toys...
....and one year.....
(to my absolute delight)

..she knitted me lamb chop.
i loved lamb chop...
..and now i had a real one... was the best gift ever.


...but after many years,
 and many boxes in lofts later,
 lamb chop fell prey to mice....
....and along with many old childhood friends
...became a fond memory.

...i searched for another...
..even attempted to make one..
..but nothing came close..


....then last year... if by some strange magic or destiny...
lamb chop returned!

my squirrel sister found lamb chop
with this wonderful label.... was the best gift ever.. really did provide a 
'nostalgic trip down memory lane'..
(..although not sure about the 'more mature disposition' bit!!?!) reunited...
no more boxes in lofts lamb chop..

...keep safe and dry everyone..'s very wet out there!


  1. Fantastic! Nancy is my next door neighbour, I shall have to tell her. Ruby Rock Cake is such a fab shop. Planning a visit before Christmas.

  2. ...oh that's amazing ellie.....please tell nancy lamb chop has gone to a good home! ...i was in ruby rockcake yesterday and it is looking fabulous!x

  3. I also used to love Lamb Chop!

    What a delightful gift.


  4. ...what's so amazing is that it is EXACTLY the same as my old one...the same pattern and wool and made me cry!X

  5. What a lovely story and a lovely gift ... imagine finding the same thing ... Bee xx

  6. Oh! Look...A wooly Lamb Chop....Lovely...! :)
    Shari Lewis used to do Lamb Chop...She died back in 1998.
    Watched it all the time when my daughter was younger....
    Actually...I'd watch it to-day, if l had the chance....!

    Good tip to...I never keep anything in the loft, only the
    water tank....Don't even go up there, hate the dark...! HeHe!

  7. Oh, this brought back a few memories! I remember Lamb Chop on TV. How marvellous that you found another to replace the old one!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. Oh what a treasured find. Such a beautiful story, I'm so glad you found her :)
    Victoria xx

  9. I loved Lamb Chop, thanks for the trip down memory lane! :)

  10. Awe..what a cute lamb chop. I had one as well as a child, my mother may still have it packed away somewhere :)

  11. Hello
    Yes I remember Lamb chop too! what a lovely post...funny, I saw some sheep slipper boots in Next today that reminded me of L C
    Happy Soggy Monday
    Thea x

  12. I remember sweet Lamp Chop! So cute! Glad you got another one to treasure! ;) xo Heather

  13. Ahhhh So cute, I wanted to be Shari lewis, I thought she was so glamorous!!
    D x

  14. Seriously thinking of sending out a Dove, dear friend!!
    Ooh I remember Lamb chop too!
    Such a sweet toy and a lovely post too!
    Ooh those were the days for us 'Mature disposition' bloggers! had a chuckle at that!! hehe..
    Sending 'Twinkles and kind thoughts '***
    Love Maria x

  15. Lamb Chop! What a fabulous make and fun memories.

    Nina x

  16. Ahh, Lamb Chop reunited ... sweet! I had a fuzzy monkey that went everywhere with me as a child but when I left home I discarded a load of 'junk' including poor old fuzzy monkey, who was by then almost bare of fuzz and only had one eye. Three years ago I was visiting my parents for dinner and my mum asked me to go and get my dad from his shed. I popped out to dad's retreat where he was fiddling with bits of wood and to my amazement, gazing down at him from a shelf up high was old fuzzy monkey. Dad said, "I couldn't bear to see him being thrown away all those years ago, wiping out all those childhood memories and rescued him from the bin". Needless to say nostalgia won over and fuzzy monkey came home with me to stay. He now sits in my shed! M x

  17. Hi, my friend Caroline, (owner of Ruby Rockcake) just emailed me to say that Lamb Chop was now "famous" and had brought a smile to someone's face. I'm so pleased she's found such an appreciative home! I'm currently working on a soup dragon and a clanger, oh and one of those really kitsch toilet roll poodles in a violent shade of pink. You just can't beat a bit of retro knitting! Nancy x


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