Friday, 22 March 2013

....the problem with bunnies......

....we all know the problem with bunnies...

...but they are so adorable.... is impossible to have just the one...

...and therein lies the dilemma...

...because invariably they multiply...


...what can i say?....'s nature...!



  1. HaHa! Had to laugh.....!
    Love the bunny with the blue coat and red socks...
    Yeah! He's coooool! :).
    And, of course...The one in the window with the 'pink' ribbon, round it's neck...! Very Funky...!

  2. Well, they're all so cute!!! You're just going to have to separate them, so that they can't keep on multiplying. Otherwise, there'll be too many bunnies and not enough space for you! :-)

  3. Just go with the flow as they say, you may get swept off your feet but then again it is Easter (well almost!) have a great weekend! :) x

  4. Ooh just got my electricity back on again....Be Off with you pesky winter weather....LOVE this wee post and am going back to have another browse at all....those .....delightful friends of yours! With kindest thoughts...Maria x

  5. I wish mine would multiply, tried leaving them in a romantic setting overnight but no luck. Yours are so cute. Happy Easter from Eco Ethel xx

  6. Aw - they are all so cute!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. We love bunnies here too ... and they do seem to have a habit of multiplying ... the new addition has settled very well :) ... Bee xx

    PS Thanks for your lovely comment earlier ... x

  8. Cheeky bunnies - you definitely need a few more ;) Jane x

  9. I can't see that having a lot of bunnies is a 'problem' ... they're so good at squeezing in under fences, gates and cupboard doors and hiding away that you'd hardly know they were there! Of course at Easter when they all hop about and show themselves it CAN be a bit difficult, as they tend to get underfoot ... hmmmm ... maybe they are a tiny bit of a problem afterall ;)

  10. cute! happy easter to u...amd your bunnies!

  11. my granddaughter Patience loves bunnys....i like them too in a stew! lol x x you have some gorgeous ones x

  12. Bunny love!!!!!!
    I have the same problem, little fabric cuddly bunnies everywhere!!!!!
    Mr Bunny with the little blue jacket(Peter????) is super cute.
    love V

  13. Oooooo! love your bunnies - like hearts and hooks, you can never have too many!


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