Friday, 2 November 2012

...i wish....

..i could bake!

i am 1 of 3 sisters........

... sister no.1 makes a delicious roast..

.. sister no.2 bakes incredible cakes....

...and me?.......

....apparently i make a great salad!

hmmmm..that says it all...!


  1. I am not a very good cook when it comes to dinners (baking I can manage)..I only have a few 'safe' fool proof dinner recipes I make..whereas my hubby can just make up something out of any food we have around.
    Who doesn't like a nice salad anyhow :P
    Magie x

    1. .... thank you Magie....... Just maybe not so much in the winter! Like you I have a couple of reliable foolproof recipes so if friends come round they pretty much know they'll get 1 of 3 options!Happy Sunday to you x

  2. Ditto! Both my sisters have inherited my Mums fantastic cooking/baking skills! They elude me, but I do have her Crafty Ways, so I'm happy! :)

    1. ....yes I'm glad I have my mums crafty streak too x:)

  3. Now! Miss Squirrel...
    I class myself as a social 'cook'. Dare l say it...
    Im' very good at it toooo!
    Everyone 'CAN' cook...Believe me...! Stay away from cookery books, maybe, glance through for ideas.
    AND, do yer own thing.....If you can, be alone in the kitchen, put a frying pan on the hob. Hopefully it's gas. In the meantime gather a few things 'YOU' like, (Leave that to you) chop them up, and put into the pan...Stir gently, if you prefer it on the dry side, just cook the contents...And, leave. If you prefer it, a bit 'saucy' add a tin of tomatoes say....Sorted...!

    BUT....Everyone CAN cook.....! :>)
    (And, salads are o.k......For Rabbits).

    1. Hello there Willie! Thank you for your advice - ill give it a go and who knows? very helpful and inspirational..... Even for a squirrel x

  4. Hello,
    I can''t bake either, tried lots but failed miserably!
    Don't tell Willie above though...hehe.
    I have said many a time, that I second my self to 'Ria' from butterflies (wonder if you remember this bitter sweet sitcom from the early 80's)
    Prepared very much with love, but always a burnt offering!
    We can't be good at every thing after all...
    Sending you kind thoughts Mariax

  5. Hello
    It is just trial and error, I find I have got better with each year. (by the time I am an OAP people will be calling me Nigella Ha Ha ! )
    Happy Sunday
    Thea x

  6. Oh, I am with you! I can bake simple treats, but that is it!! Love that vintage tin!! ;) xo Heather

  7. Ahh ... and so you shall be the healthier, slimmer sister!! M x

  8. Oh but you can sew and sew and sew and you are very good at shopping and making coffee and eating cake.
    Ther there don't you feel better now?
    Big D x


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