Saturday, 9 February 2013

..secret love...

in a special little cupboard
at the top of my stairs..
..hides a squirrel secret
that now i'd like to share.. looks like any other..
but when you peek inside...
...a hoard of tiny teddies 
have chosen to reside...
..i'm not sure how they got there
or how it came to be...
that all these little teddies
have ended up with me...
they are so good and tucked away
i can forget they're there...
..but if i pass i peek inside...
and tell them i still care.


  1. Wow! Looook at those teddies....! Wow!
    And, the geese on the door...Waiting for it to open and have a 'Gander'.
    And, do you take them to the woods Miss Squirrel...
    Now that would be one hell of a picnic...!
    I could go on forever...(Shut-Up Willie). HeHe!
    Their lovely...Yep! Made my day....
    'Bearly'........! :>).

  2. ~Now 'Bears' a sight to behold.....(Willie started it)....I am thinking YOU are the toy rescuer, Miss Squirrel. What a wonderful secret cupboard to have at the top of your stairs!I have one too, but not nearly as full as yours...
    Wishing you a Saturday full of loveliness....Love Maria x

  3. So adorable!! I still have my teddy from the day I was born! Such a sweet collection you have! Have a lovely weekend! xo Heather

  4. It reminds me of the book Teddy Robber, my girls loved it!
    Did you get my email? Your beautiful parcel arrived yesterday, thank you so much! :) x

  5. That's so sweet! Love all your little bears - I too hope that you take them out for a picnic at least once a year ;-)
    Happy weekend,

  6. Oh, don't close the cupboard door on all those loveable teddies!! Wouldn't that make a wonderful photo to frame and hang up of all your special bears? Are they all rescues? They're adorable, and what a special secret place for them :) Wendy

  7. Oh what a lovely post, and sweet cubard teddies you shared. !

  8. a teddy bear cupboard, how sweet! Heather x

  9. Lovely to see them all, a gorgeous hug.

  10. oh how sweeeeeeeet, lots of lovely they're having a right teddy bears picnic in there hehe x

  11. They are so cute ... all keeping each other company. Bet they have some fun and antics when they come awake at night ... !!
    M x


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