Saturday, 25 January 2014

..through the keyhole.....

...this week i had a playdate with my crafty partner in crime i don't know about you
but i love a good ol' nosey around other people's houses...
....especially ones that are as inspiring and colourful
and original as daisy's
....around every corner
is something to admire...
....a quirky object..
...a vintage delight... amazing collection...
..and her array of crafting inspirational books
is second to none...
...but what really took my breath away..
(and stirred a little green eyed monster within)
....was her creative space...
....i just had to share it with you....

..for starters just look at her lovely stash....
.....such amazing storage....
(with a vintage laura ashley prairie dress
thrown in for aesthetic good measure!)


...a certain type of girl could go crazy in here....
so much to see....
and love.....
and inspire....

oops....i just so happened to find this little cutie
sitting quietly in a corner....

....i'm afraid my unbridled joy in her discovery
led to this little lady coming home with me!

....not exactly 'stolen'....
...shall we say 'passionately adopted with kind permission!!?'
(thank you so much- i LOVE her!)
he he!

....there were quite a few little beauties 
i could happily have snaffled...
....look at this little basket of wooden people....
....the squirrel fell in love with these too of course!
....oh and this lovely doll is made by the talented
'the cat in the shoe'
....such a fabulous and creative space..... see she really can't be a 'lazy' daisy after all !


  1. I squealed like an embarrassing fool at virtually every pic. The vanity case storage is inspired isn't it? xx

  2. Goodness! Miss Squirrel....
    Now! that is what l call friendship. To be invited
    to a friends home, and, be allowed to take a
    camera, and, take pictures....Or was Miss Daisy
    making coffee at the time.....! :).

    I love other peoples homes to....And, lots of people
    like mine to, always plenty about to discuss and talk
    about....I know l've said it before, but, my down stairs famous! HeHe! People have gone in, and, never
    been seen again....Bit like..Wardrobe...Witch...and the
    Lion....(Don't think that's in the right order). Never mind! :).

    And, it's nice to see Miss Daisy's things ALL nice and tidy,
    l'm a Virgo....So! everything in it's place, for me...HeHe!
    So! don't forget Miss Squirrel, as Miss Daisy's agent now, to
    collect your royalties!

  3. oooo lordy lord i adore every single thing!x

  4. How wonderful you guys got to visit each other! :-)

  5. Your friend has so many lovely things!! It is nice to be shown round someone else's house isn't it! Hope that you had a great visit with your friend. xx

  6. Pesky Squirrel....oh how you make me laugh...and inspire me too... Love ya.....x

  7. I too have serious craft room envy :-)

  8. Ooh Iove it! I could quite happily spend my days nosying around other people's homes, especially ones as creative as this ... thanks for taking us through the keyhole, and thanks to Miss Daisy too xxx

  9. Lucky you it all looks beautiful and very warm and cosy. Dee x

  10. Oh how lovely to see more of the lovely Lazy Daisy's home - I am in love with all those vintage suitcases!!

  11. That Miss Daisy has one purty pad :) ... Bee xx

  12. i just featured you in my art stopping sunday post my lovely! have a beautiful sunday xxxx

  13. ooo those quality street tins bring back some memories!!


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