Thursday, 6 December 2012

....hangover cure.....

...oh dear naughty squirrel...

...unused as you are to gin fizz.... is not advisable to drink too many..
...too quickly....
(note to self regarding forthcoming christmas festivities) the day started somewhat shakily..
...with the thought of impending work
not altogether a welcome one...

..but then an unexpected parcel arrived
to distract my thumping head...
...some vintage toadstool decorations,
buttons, material.....

..sometimes mothers do know best...
...and mine had packaged up
some special treats...
perfect timing!

...then a trusty 'melon' arrived!
..she quickly deduced i was not fit
for work...
...and reminded me that ellie
was opening a new shop in dorchester today..
..hurrah for ellie! this point i was feeling decidedly better! off we went...

...gorgeous christmassy tins...

...and lots of lovely 'jelly jam' treats..

 ...i have been loving this alpine fabric
on ellie's blog for a while now... was excited to invest in a little purse!

....we also visited dorchester's

....oh me oh my....'s HUGE and FABULOUS....
...and freezing cold!
(thermals and mitts highly recommended)

..we had heart palpitations..
(not alcohol induced)
...and were unusually controlled...
(it being christmas and all that)

..but a £4 chad valley bun...
.. in need of love and affection... 
..and squirrel restoration...
was not to be missed!
(sorry beautiful straw lamb...but i had to be strong)
(probably see you next week if i can't sleep tonight) as you can tell... cure was a natural one!
...much better now...
 thank-you one and all 


  1. Squirrel, I'm so glad I was a good hangover cure! There's nothing like a bit of fabric and vintage to take your mind off work and perk you up.
    Thanks for the lovely mention. It's been a great first day.

  2. happy it has gone well you must be exhausted! all very well taking the day off...all still to do in the morning! x

  3. Oh my such sweet treasures..adore that little alpine zipper pouch. You have a very sweet mom!
    Happy weekend.

  4. Such a sweet gift from your mother, and looks like you had a fabulous time out!! Such a cute purse!! Have a great day! xo Heather

  5. Lovely.....! :)
    The trouble with squirrels is, if they've had
    to much fizz.....They can't keep their hands off
    their 'nuts'. HeHe!
    Cure for hangover.....Hair of the cat...Or is it
    dog....! :>)

  6. Love the toadstools! The shop looks fab..I like the vintage Christmas tins and the little bunny is adorable.
    Glad to hear you a feeling better now :)
    Have a great weekend x

  7. Wish I could have gone with you! Best hangover cure I've heard of! :)

  8. Poor little squirrel...Sounds like you had a wonderful day out though..Love your bunny
    Thea x

  9. What lovely photos :-) I saw a squirrel today... it was running across the street-- it had no tail--- I was so sad... until I realized it was a bunny. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I'm getting old and the old eyesight isn't what it used to be lol
    big hugs,


  10. Look at all those vintagey treats!
    What a find you have..

  11. Loving the mushrooms, your mum has such good taste! I haven't managed to get along to Jelly Jam's shop yet, but I'm definitely going to try again this weekend. When I tried to go on Thursday I ended up being held captive by a brass band and didn't make it before closing :( The curiosity centre is great isn't it? So many interesting things to rummage through, I could quite happily spend hours in there, temperature and purse stings permitting.


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