Thursday, 13 December 2012 magic...........

....the magic of christmas...
.. is in believing......
my littlest squirrel has gaffer-taped her letter to santa......

...apparently the contents are none of my business and i'll find out what she's written on christmas morning when she opens her presents....

..and of course she's quite right...
..that's magic!

...seeing the christmas tree in town lit up last night....

..and baby jesus swaddled in the conduit...
...inspired me..
to bring the magic of the outside...

...hurrah i've done the tree!'ve just got to believe in magic x

(last day to enter my squirrel giveaway.......believe and it could happen!)


  1. Hey! Miss Squirrel....Love dat monkey....Cool! :).
    AND...The close up shots of the tree...Lovely...

    You know, when l was a boy, and, l was...Once!
    We never had fairy-lights...On the tree. We had candles, in little candle-holders, with clips.
    And, they would clip on to the branches of the tree. Usually about ten of them...Can you imagine, when they were all lit...Goodness! How the house never caught fire, and burnt down, God only knows...They were a bit top heavy too!
    I was about five, when we had our first lights, and, at this moment in time....They are around my crib...STILL...Giving out plenty of light....

    "Away in a manger, no room....! (Put the sherry away Willie).

  2. Thank you for all of your kind comments on my blog recently...
    I share your preference for the folk art style decorations to trim the tree...We're still to decorate...A job for Sunday...We don't have a walnut angel (sadly - yours looks so cute!), but do have a 'smelly walnut' that always has to be hung by our daughter... Smelly in a good way I hasten to add...its full of potpourri! (Will have to make sure I show that one on my blog now to redeem myself! ;-))

    May your littlest squirrel receive all she hopes for...Enjoy this time...they grow so quickly.

    Don't work too hard!
    Niki x

  3. Hi Lovely,I love dat monkey too! Your decorations are gorgeous.I believe,I do I do! :o)

  4. I do, I do, I soo Believe!
    Awww am loving all of this beautiful post!
    A wish also for your little squirrel, may she always believe in the magic ***
    ~And the tree and that monkey, well they are beauts!!
    Hurray just put mine up too, with a glass of Damson gin in my hand, I may add! sshhh don't tell!
    Wishing you peaceful Noel, Miss Squirrel...
    Love Maria x

  5. I stopped and had a look at the Conduit on my way back to work today and just wrote a blog post so similar to yours!!! We believe! M x

  6. A beautiful and magical tree!! Sweet post! xo Heather

  7. I love your decorations.......and I have never stopped believing xo

  8. beautiful decorations on your tree- love toadstools ;0)x

  9. We beleive in the magic and always will!
    I love baby squirrels letter!
    D xxx

  10. Such lovely decorations on such a pretty Christmas tree..I just adore the toadstool one!
    It's such a wonderful time of year..just full of magic I agree :)
    Have a fab weekend x

  11. Oh bless little Squirrel I bet he is sooo excited, little poppet!! I miss those days but alas I will have to wait for Grandchildren now, I may have some wait!! everything looks gorgeous so warm and inviting, especially love Walnut Angel :-)
    are you at Frome tomorrow?????? eeek xx

  12. That was a typo I know little squirrel is a she not a sorry xx

  13. Oh we believe in the magic here too ... my littles are writing their letters tomorrow and leaving them out for the elves tomorrow night ... Bee xx

  14. All of your ornaments are so sweet! I hope your Little Squirrel gets what she's hoping for from Santa this year!
    Erica :)

  15. Your tree looks so sweet, congratulations to Heather! :)


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