Friday, 21 December 2012

...heave ho!....

...we are all feeling a little weary...

...but you know it's all worth it...

...4 sleeps until he arrives....

...keep going...

..we're nearly there..

Happy Christmas!


p.s. did you spot the squirrel make

in mollie makes this month?


Location:Buckland Dinham,United Kingdom


  1. Love the snow babies!

    It will be worth it, not long now xxx

    1. ...thank you I am rather partial to a snow baby or 2....... Happy holidays x

  2. Ooh I can remember the big heave ho, when children were small....Busy, busy exciting days! Wishing you a Christmas full of glad tidings and figgy pudding, dear friend! And I will be sure to take your blogging friendship through to 2013, with me! Love Maria x

    1. is so exciting but there just seems so much still to do....we are travelling around too so am trying to pack to cover all eventualities( lets hope not floods!)......foggy pudding sounds and Christmas wishes x

  3. How wonderful to be in Mollie Makes! Have a lovely Christmas.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

    1. .....oh dear sorry.... It isn't actually THE vanilla squirrel but how to make a white squirrel! I will be giving it a go in the new year once Christmas is over......apologies for any confusion :-) x

  4. Ooooh! Your snowbabies are fantastic! I've been tempted by them on EBay so many times! Happy Holidays to you!
    Erica :)

  5. Lovely photos - I sadly have just sold a 'family' of snow babies - why oh why did I do that.....I would give Mollie Makes a go and send them an idea for one of your makes. I have been featured on their blog a few times (no money given!) and it might be interesting for you to send something in.
    Every happiness for 2013

  6. Such cute little snow babies. Mmm wanting, needing some.
    I did see Mr Squirrel in MM and thought of you!!

  7. Hello sweetie! I am so happy to find you and your gorgeous blog! Your Christmas decorations are so sweet! I love Mollie Makes and the little squirrel is adorable! Goes perfectly with your sweet Vanilla Squirrel blog! Happy Christmas wishes! Love and hugs, Paula xoxo

  8. Lovely vintage Chrissy ornaments : -)
    Congratulations on being in Mollie Makes!!!
    Merry Christmas x

  9. Hello again sweetie! Thank you so much for popping by my blog and for your lovely comment and for following me too! I am almost finished with my collar. I can see why you are a fan of Samantha! She is very creative and talented... so are you! I am going to let her know when I post my finished collar so she can take a peek at it. Happy, happy Christmas wishes to you! Lots of love, Paula... please share your Mollie Makes squirrel when you get if finished. I look forward to that issue. My dear friend, Julie is so sweet to send them to me. We get them in the US, but they are a bit behind. Toodles! xoxo


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