Saturday, 29 December 2012

...there's no place like home....

....all hearts go home for christmas....
.....but as you get older 'home' is not just returning to the parental nest.... create your own home with your own children and family....

....but it's interesting to see how you take a little piece of those original surroundings with you....
.....and mirror them in your own way in your own home..... a comfort blanket I suppose.....
(a gorgeous vintagey quilty one perhaps......?)

......time to go home 
(Don't worry mum....they are all still there!!)


  1. Hello sweetie! What a beautiful post!!! It is wonderful you grew up around vintage pretties and have the same love your mum does! Her home is lovely and those quilts are amazing and the boxes too! Love the dreamy stitchery as well! Have a lovely day! Love and hugs, Paula xoxo

  2. I used to always be travelling, and my heart sank when I reached home! Now I love being at home, I would still love to travel one day, but now I really appreciate home and what it means! :) x

  3. What a lovely looking home you've come from! Gorgeous quilts. Your mum wouldn't have missed just one would she?..

  4. What a lovely post...I love the warm and cosy
    Special wishes
    Thea x

  5. my mum didn't have quilts, but she always had tea and toast with strawberry jam, and I find in moments of crisis or cross-roads my heart goes straight back there- sitting at the table with its white cloth and willow pattern china, talking, nibbling, drinking, hugging, and realising whatever it was troubling had been shared, halved and probably solved.
    This season seems to shine a light on the gaps but "home" always remains with us one way or another

  6. Lovely cosy photos. Im very blessed in that I now live just a couple of streets away from my darling Mum. She taught me my love of crafts and creativity, so we have a lot of shared interests.


  7. I am clicking my heels along side you, Miss Squirrel, there is no place quite like it...
    I would just like to wish you and yours a wonderful new year and thank you for your blogging friendship!
    Those Scottie dogs went down a storm as Christmas pressies too! hehe!
    Love Maria X

  8. Such lovely piccies and wow those quilts :o)
    I agree theres no place on earth like home...


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