Wednesday, 12 December 2012

..... halleluia.......

..just had to share the joy..
.. of my new thrifty find...

...there she was..waiting on the shelf..
..looking right at me...
with those angel eyes.. all her vintagey glory... i rescued her (for £1.25)...

...and now she lives in her rightful place..


..on the top of our tree!

..oh and did i mention i am having a GIVEAWAY? 



  1. She's lovely....But, are'nt they all...

    Here l am, not even seven yet...Lemon tea..mmmM!
    Studying a fairy on top of a tree...HeHe! :)
    Hoping Father Christmas down below...Keeps his eyes facing front.....Naughty....Naughty....! :>).

    1. ...luckily all is very proper with this little lady...she has a gorgeous little petticoat AND proper little lace-trimmed french knickers!...i was going to include it in my photos and then thought it would be very impolite of safe in the knowledge that they are there.....lucky santa!x

  2. She's very lovely ... looks like a Sindy doll! xx

    1. ....yes i was thinking that this morning....she's a bit too small for a sindy i think.....but in amazing condition.....i want my hair to look like that:-)x

  3. Hello, Miss squirrel,
    What a treasure she is and do you ever wonder how many Christmas trees she has graced over the years...~And now she will'Twinkle' at the top of yours!!!
    Sending love and light....
    Maria x

  4. thank you maria.....that's exactly why these vintagey things are so special....where has she come from.....who has been loving her all these years?...if only they could speak.......!have a twinkly day x

  5. What a wonderful find - I wonder what her story is? x

  6. She is so cute! She looks so pleased to be at the top of your tree!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. Ha! I love how you share your excitement for your Halleluia Angel! Great shots of a lovely find! Wendy

  8. She is in the most perfect place, good find! :)

  9. She is very special..she was waiting for you pretty
    Thea x

  10. Oh she is just beautiful and was just waiting to be taken home by you to sit in her rightful place.
    Happiness is a vintage angel. Love v

  11. She is so gorgeous and looks happy in her new home! xo Heather


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