Monday, 4 February 2013

...'allo 'allo 'allo...........................

...this is the shopping police...

...keeping a watchful eye on the squirrel's 
thrifting activity....
(which has been busy this week-end!)
...she was not diasppointed by her exploits...
...setting this adorable little zebra free
to enjoy the snowdrops.....
(raised eyebrows from husband for this one)

...adding to her ever-increasing eclectic
collection of vintage hangers....
...and keeping to the springy floral theme....
...found these unusual french placemats.....
..even the plastic bag i was given to carry home my treasure was amazing!!!
...tesco's finest you know.
...feeling all julie andrews i promised 
the little squirrels a cake....
(look away NOW mary berry)

...told you i couldn't bake.....
..and living proof that all is not perfect in blogland!
(quite nice washed down with big cup of tea
with eyes closed)


  1. vanilla squirrel i love the hangers and the place mats x x they are gorgeous! X X X

  2. Yippeee! I cant bake either....haha.~But I do try sooo...
    Am a loving YOUR little finds of treasure too! Most especially that little cute Zebra...Awww wonder where he has been and what's his story ?
    Tis still perfect in blog land, because I have an idea , Miss Squirrel.We can just pretend with,..... Mr Kipling's!!!! shhhh don't tell!
    With kind thoughts, Maria x

  3. Can't remember if you had a dog or not Miss Squirrel....Just thinking...That chocolate cake would make a nice frisbee...! :>).

    But, l do like those floral placemats, they are nice. Never seen them with a 'lip' around them...
    Good idea...!

    And, the little zebra, with the dicky-bow....Lovely...!

  4. Ha ha ha! topsy turvy cake anyone?
    Anyway everyone knows its not how it looks its how it tastes!
    Love love love those placemats you have been a busy squirrel...are you burying your stash in little holes in the garden to dig up later in the spring?

  5. Thought I had better stop by and say hi as our blogs were made by the same vintage girlie! Great thrifty shopping x

  6. I have exactly the same Art Deco teapot!
    Tiny little hole in the top where the lid should've gone??

  7. Not to worry, my cakes often turn out like that too and more often that not with a huge sunken hole in the middle.

  8. Love that little policeman, might just do something naughty so I can get arrested! :) x

  9. Love the zebra in the snowdrops, what a fab photo!
    I've mad many a cake like that. The classis was the carrot cake I made in a hurry added the cream cheese topping and took it round to mu 'un-laws'. The tah-dah moment was seriously ruined by the cheese having melted and poured off the cake... ooops!

  10. Good of you to rescue the cute zebra! Is he tucked in the flower pot so it's not so obvious you bought MORE STUFF?! That's what I get at my house ... eyes rolled heavenward and "not more stuff!!". So I tuck things in little spots where maybe(?) they won't notice. I found a vanilla MOUSE last week at the thrift store, and will post about him soon ... keep a look out for him! A bit of extra icing on any cake will hide any imperfections!! Can't think of anything better than chocolate cake and a very hot tea! Wendy

  11. Oh, what pretties! Adorable zebra and sweet hangers!!! xo Heather

  12. I was going to start listing the things I like on your post, but it would be much easier to just say I LOVE IT ALL!! (But I love the hangers and coasters BEST!!)

    Love Claire xxx

  13. The cake looks yummy! Don't think it matters what it looks like as long as it tastes wonderful! Love the coathangers
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  14. thanks for all your help. photos are fab. we need to sort you out with a thank you gift. hatty or squirrelly. hx

  15. Just hopped over from Lazy Daisy Jones (love the hats, btw) to say hello and have a wee peek at your lovely blog.
    Great thrifting finds, and in my world, chocolate cake is ALWAYS yummy!
    Looking forward to following your squirrelling :-)
    Have a happy week,

  16. Lovely squirrel finds ... and I had a giggle when I saw the Tesco bag ... I took a photo of one of mine before Christmas ... the image is too lovely ... love the new header ... Bee xx


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