Monday, 25 February 2013

sweet serendipity...

..isn't it strange how sometimes
things just work out?
meet mabel....
we met by chance in my favourite antiques centre
 in honiton last week..
..for some strange reason my husband now thinks that everything i buy is for my new etsy shop(yeah right)
it's an excellent theory...
he just forgot to factor in his wife's
  love/need/want issues....!
(...i loved her face
..i needed to rescue her
...and i wanted to keep her!)
mabel is a jointed soft-bodied 1940s dolly...
..but something was bothering me.. was the dress..
..pretty but a bit too big..
...not quite right....
(here comes the serendipity bit)
remember my dolly knits?
ah ha...i had a lightbulb moment...!
so with a little dress alteration
(retro laura ashley leg o' mutton sleeves removed....)
it was meant to be.
i wonder who the other knits will belong to? the sun was shining...
...the birds were singing(squawking?)
..and what treasure should i find next???
a beautiful hand painted bowl 
with flying bluebirds...
(£2 again....serendipitous indeed)
oh and another keeper i'm afraid darling....
..and as if i hadn't had enough lucky strikes...
...i have had this little deer for a while...
he's very unusual as he looks like he's been carved from wood..
..but actually he is made of a celluloid sort of plastic..
...well would you believe it??!?
..i found him a friend!
whatever next?
and they all lived happily ever after...
with me!

p.s just put my badgers and a few new items in my etsy shop...
do pop by!


  1. Oh I love serendipitous finds - I got some too at the weekend, I'll try to blog them tomorrow x

  2. I love your doll and can see why she came home with you. I can see you also visited Lyme - we were there last Wednesday and Thursday - wondered if our paths crossed if you were there then ...

  3. Oh Mabel how I love your sweet face and dress and cardi.
    My eldest has Mabel as her middle name!

  4. The baby doll's expression is very funny - either someone said something shocking or she's sat on something! Either way Mabel is doing her best to look innocent ...

    Love her pink cardi

  5. What a pretty doll Mabel is ... and I love your bowl and deer ... you were very lucky with your finds ... Bee xx

  6. Mabel looks perfect in her new cardy, she's adorable.i'm collecting little woodland creatures too, deers are quite hard to come by these days, i love yours, gorgeous. Loving your badger bros too, too gorgeous xox Penelope

  7. Super finds, good old West Country.
    Hen x

  8. That was what she was waiting for to come back to life ~ you and the dolly knit, splendid!
    Oh and those little deer, so dear indeed!

  9. Beautiful doll. Lovely finds, and in my old haunts too! I used to live in Sidmouth and visited Honiton quite regularly. My parents-in-law lived in Honiton in the 80's
    Julie xxxxxx

  10. crumbs- I'm wearing exactly the same outfit as the dolly!

  11. i love your sweet dolly and her outfit the knitted cardi and dress sooo sweet, love all your treasures ;0)x

  12. Oh, I love all your sweet little buys. I tell my man that everything I buy is for the fairs I do ... he never seems to notice when they stay!
    M x

  13. I am feeling very bitter and jealous of you bowl!
    Best leave it in lyme or you might lose it?
    D xx
    Ps miss you xx

  14. What amazing finds! Love the blue birdy bowl & £2.....what a bargain. Mabel is a real sweetie & the cardy really suits her.
    Please could you email me your details on for my hubby's badger

  15. lovely.mabel reminds me of a doll that still belongs to my mum. i luvd playing with her (gently!) wen i was growing up!

  16. She's had a great makeover, can you work the same magic on humans.....I'm in need! :) x

  17. Ahhhh dear Mabel looks complete in her pretty frock and knitted cardy...she seems to have the wisest expression...all knowing perhaps. ~Maybe she knows she is a keeper! with kind thoughts...Maria x

  18. Mabel is certainly a very mature looking doll with such a serious, but matronly expression. She's probably quite happy to receive the alteration to her clothing (although I do like the flowery print on her dress), and it's quite slimming to her figure! Your dear little deer are so cute together, and I like how they look at each other with such fondness ;) Wendy

  19. How sweet is dear Mabel, love her cardi she needs to be kept and the little bluebird bowl. Julie.x


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