Tuesday, 12 February 2013


...valentines day came early for my husband tonight....
....with this spud of love...
..quite symbolic as we met 28 years ago 
outside 'spud-u-like' in edinburgh..!
..i had some free time this morning...
..and found myself in the 
it was such a treat to snuffle around
with no time pressures...
..even if it was FREEZING!!!
..more hangers miss squirrel????
(it's getting to be quite an obsession you know!
..i have plans for these......)
...i have been resisting these little red shoes for some time now...
..but today i just wasn't strong enough..
..oh and a friend for my policeman..
..a 'little chef'..
(...which takes us rightback to where i started 
with 'spud-u-like'!)


  1. ha! He obviously only had (potato) eyes for you! boom boom! Those red shoes are very lovely indeed!...randomly..I've always regretted not buying a gorgeous vintage pair I saw once in a scrappy vintage shop in Brighton..I'm sure I'll get over it one day! ;) x

  2. I heart potato ... How very lovely..... Little reds are gorgeous, I didn't reply to your email, feel real bad, life is too crazy, hence blog break, will sort out cuppa after decorating.... X speak soon xx

  3. I began my romance with Mr Bea 28 years ago too, we actually met 2 years earlier, our eyes met over a piano! That place looks fab, can't beat a good rummage! :) x

  4. I heart the little baker friend ... are these salt shakers or just a little figurine? Wendy

  5. Wow- spud you like. Thats a blast from the past. Do they still exist?? Went to many in my youth. No such thing in California. Great spud, hope Husband liked it!

  6. I think this summer I must seek out the Dorchester Curiosity Centre.
    Love the spud!
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  7. How sweet! I love it when something heart shaped appears, and even better so close to valentine's day :) Elisabeth x

  8. do you know I had forgotten about spud-u-like! how funny. Sweet red shoes, every girl should have a pair! Heather x

  9. Spud u like oh yes as a wheat free veggie it was one of the very few places I could actually know U would be able to eat something... memories. Thanks for sharing... sweet shoes! Cx

  10. ~ what a romantic and apt little post for just now, Miss Squirrel.... Love those red little shoes too! Would have loved a nosey around the Dorchester curiosity centre, my self! What a Magpie of a place! ooh snows have arrived here so must adorn me wellies and be off to work! Love Maria x

  11. Gosh I remember the OH and I going to Spud U Like. Do they still exist? I couldn't have resisted those gorgeous little red shoes either!

  12. My hubby brought me a heart shaped tatty on Sunday but I burst his bubble when I said it looked like a bottom! anyways ... the red shoes are adorable and I too would love to have an amble round the curiosity centre -it looks amazing.


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