Friday, 15 February 2013

..dorothy syndrome...

i know i'm not the only one... fact i can think of several people with the same problem....
...i just love little red shoes...
..any little shoes are cute....
...but there's something about the red ones... it just the dorothy syndrome of wanting 
those magical sparkly wonders?

..or does it hark back to our very first pair 
of start-rite sandals.....
...the red ones?


  1. My dad bought me a pair of red shoes when I was little andI wore those things out, I loved them so much!

  2. Mrs vanilla that v cute....and a strange coincedence...every one thinks my doll I have just posted about, should be called Dorothy too!
    ...what do you think...
    Daisy j x

  3. ~ I have the shoe fetish FULL STOP! Miss Squirrel....and I do own a few pairs of the red kind...I just can't wait to wear them! It seems to be' cliperty cloperty' clog boots weather every day here! ~ although Mr sun shine is out to day....
    Roll on spring time.....Love Maria x

  4. I have a thing for red shoes !
    Cute post

  5. I'm a lover of red shoes too. I buy my boys red shoes. I always screech to a halt when I see them in shop windows. x

  6. I just wanted some shoes like Dorothy's! In fact when I was driving home yesterday, I went by a spot that I can remember taking off my very high red stilettos, well it was back in the 80s....I knew I wouldn't make it home unless I went bare foot! Those were the days! :) x

  7. Red shoes are lovely and have a special memory for me ... the convent grammar I attended made us change into red shoes while indoors ... bonkers but true so I will always associate them with school ... wishing you a lovely weekend ... Bee xx

  8. I have a lovely red pair of Mary Jane's - only worn in the summer on lazy warm days! They make me smile x

  9. red shoes are the best...have you read black bird house by Alice Hoffman? think you would like it ;) XX

  10. Me too! I remember being driven home after a shopping trip aged 5, clutching the box containing my new red patent shoes, which were gorgeous. I have several pairs of red shoes now, pumps, wedges... can't get enough of them! :-)

  11. Lovely, fun post . I have always been mesmerized by Dorothy's ruby slippers indeed ~ "there is no place like home and nothing like a day on the town in a pair of red heels !" Lol


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