Wednesday, 13 March 2013

...easter orphans........ at the vanilla squirrel home
 for lost and forgotten toys...

..we are very aware of the particular plight of lonely lambs and abandoned bunnies 
at this time of year....

..often these lost souls appear at our door
 broken, dirty, sad and bewildered...'s amazing what a little love and tender care can do...

...we take the time to treat each critter as an individual... help them integrate back into society...
...and give them back a sense of worth....

just look at Linus here...

a gentle all over shampoo, a fixed tail,
..a little ear op 
and a brand,spanking new ribbon...
*** a new lamb....
..despite being some 60 years old
 (almost a spring chicken?)

..and sweet Larissa...
who was matted and grumpy... primped and plush like new!
we are looking for loving homes
 for these little lambs you have easter displays 
that are crying out for that special vintage touch?
could you love a lamb for life
(not just for easter)?

...if you are interested in adopting 
one of these lost souls
 do visit the vanilla squirrel orphange 

as for the others....
nutkin the squirrel and molly dog
have a couple of behavioural issues
 to sort out
before they are ready for new homes...

...but the little bunny belinda has settled in so well here
that i feel obliged to allow her to stay.

i think it might be nearly time to decorate the house for easter!


  1. Aw, they are so cute! I'm sure they will find new homes very, very soon!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. You have your very own little toy hospital! :-)

  3. Oh those poor bewildered beauties - thank heavens they landed at your feet! I love the fact that Larissa was so grumpy she wouldn't even stand up. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for lost souls like these over the Easter period and extend them some t.l.c. x Jane

  4. Oh so lovely your lost little lambs and bunnies all rehabbed and ready for new starts :)

  5. That's too cute! love your pictures (and words). What sterling work you're doing there.
    Hen x

  6. Oh-so-sweet... hope they get adopted real soon :-)

  7. Aww bless their little cotton Easter Socks :-) xx

  8. ~ Ooh Linus, Belinda and Larrisa and chums...YOU are such a treat for the eyes...I WISH you a long and happy life! They look lovely Miss Squirrel! ~ Love Maria x

  9. They are darling! I'm sure each one will find their FUR-ever home real soon!
    Hope you're having a fantastic week!
    Erica :)

  10. So cute! I've just some serious cosmetic surgery to a bunny with no ears or eyes. Thinking about it I'm not sure how I knew it was a bunny!

  11. Keep up the good work!! They all seem to be doing well :)

  12. Aww! They are fabulous!
    Julie xxxxxx

  13. Aww! They are gorgeous!
    Julie xxxxxxx


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