Friday, 1 March 2013

....she sells sea shells.....

...i have always had a fascination for 
mysterious, romantic tales......
(i have been obsessed by the story 
of the lost russian princess anastasia...
and the titanic of course....)

..and i love to believe in the magic of fairies,pixies,elves....
..and mermaids..
..this lovely mermaid is crafted by the talented Hesta
i love the colours in her tail...
...and she perches anywhere very elegantly.. any mermaid should... daughter used to believe she was a mermaid...(a bit scary)
...and even now i see her looking out to sea wistfully hoping to catch a glimpse...
i've hung these little vintage bootees
near my mermaid...
...just in case she ever turns human again..



  1. i love mermaids and mystical creatures old blog used to be called a mermaids purse...for my love of living by the coast and drawing mermaid sister makes mermaid dolls and sold quite a few via her etsy shop...but now she has nearly 3 yr old and a baby on the way she doesnt make so many now...x

  2. She is lovely, I really love Hestas creations, such a talent:).....I like the sea but just to look at, but not to keen being in it definitely not a mermaid! Xx

  3. What a beautiful little mermaid ... Hesta is very clever ... I love mermaids too ... Bee xx

  4. hesta is a very talented artist x

  5. Adorable vintage booties and sweet mermaid! Happy weekend to you! xo Heather

  6. thanks how nice to she her again , I must start making more mermaids . love hesta ps have great weekend hx

  7. Oooooooh! She's so beautiful! And so are the blue booties!


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