Saturday, 14 September 2013

...never can say goodbye.... you find there are some things you just can't part with...? her very first cath kidston dress...
...or a pattern that reminds you of a time..
...and you simply can't let go?
...oh and those little shoes of course!
well i found some fabulous inspiration
this week.... a framing shop!
the talented staff at 
have created a 'wall of inspiration'...
with some wonderful ideas....
..not just for treasured clothes...
..but ways of using frames...
'outside the box'
..i loved this idea for your favourite books..
...and old photographs...
..whilst i was there
some stunning vintage embroidery was being
lovingly framed to give it a new
lease of life....
...and this 'denim patch pocket' board
is just brilliant for pens and brushes! never know quite when or where
you will find inspiration...
..but do pop by if you are local..
...or try some of these ideas for yourself
(this was a pink painted blackboard in a frame!)
...have fun!



  1. I can never let go...and now I have inspiration overload and need a lie down! xx

  2. Hello my name is Janine and i follow your blob, love your work and the vintage images, you bring me nostalgic moments :)
    If you like to make me a visit just enter in my blog, it will be nice to receive your visit or comment.
    Wish you all the best
    Nina ***

  3. Love the book box frame thingummyjig doodahs! Jane x

  4. Inspiration overload! So many wonderful ideas! Love the ribbon with tiny pegs - I Blu-Tack artsy postcards on a wall within a frame, but the ribbons would be so much sweeter. And the shelves...the dress....time to clear a wall! Thank you, as always, for a lovely post! Chrissie x

  5. Very inspiring. I love the pictures and socks on a washing line idea. I've framed my daughter's first pair of shoes. Xx

  6. What a great idea...I do like the frame with the jeans pocket in, got me thinking.

  7. What a lot of lovely ideas! Thank you for sharing. Pam x

  8. Thank you my dear for your lovelly comment, i´m happy for your visit and to know you are a sea lover:)
    Soon i´m going to have a giveaway, a secret from the sea :) hope to see you there :)
    Nina ***

  9. I'm always finding things I just can't part with, and of course all of them are from my children or my mom!
    The framing shoes and dresses... brilliant!
    Tammy x

  10. Thankyou for finding me through eco ethel ... & for our joint love affair with doilies !!!! Your blog is just beautiful, as are your etsy creations. I look forward to following along with you ... thats whats so great about this blogging thingy ... finding like-minded creative souls. Happy weekend, Julie x0x

  11. I have many things that I cannot part with, I could do a whole blog post on this subject.... watch this space! have a lovely Sunday, Liz x

  12. What marvelous ideas
    Julie xxxxxx

  13. I love framing's an obsession! The only problem is, that I'm running out of wall space! I love all the ones above! So creative. I too am sentimental, and there are a few favourite things which I'll always hang onto. Nothing wrong with that! :) Have a happy Sunday! Tania ♥

  14. Love the pictures, fantastic ideas! The hanger looks super cute!

  15. I have oxen full of things I can't part with .... Just wondering where all the frames are going to go!

    That look wonderful ...

    Love Claire

  16. I love the book idea too, show us when you've finished it! :) xxx

  17. how fabulous, love the kiddy stuff framed x


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