Friday, 6 September 2013

friday fatigue......

.....this is me today....

....the dollies collapsed in sympathy
as i was up all night with
...a poorly little squirrel...
....who caught a pesky bug that i have 
been fighting off all week...
....a rubbish start to the term...
...but i am still determined to keep
bright eyed and bushy tailed
this september... whilst mopping brows...
..i have also been slowly reorganising
my shelves.... display happy new finds...
(i have wanted a babycham bambi forever!!!!)
....and make way for some
new crafting!
keep smiling!


  1. Sorry to hear about the pesky bug :( But very happy you have found yourself a Babycham deer :)

  2. I hope the 'bug' makes a hasty departure soon. With the schools back the bugs no doubt will be multiplying ready for the winter colds. One of my jokey presents I get from my parents at Christmas is a couple of Babychams. My Nanny used to drink them and it is a touch of nostalgia for me. I'd love to have one of those deers for my 'happy shelf'. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Chel x

  3. Bugs.... Terrible things. I hope she gets better soon. I am assuming your squirrel is a girl!?? First day of school and my little one comes back with a snotty nose.

  4. Oh Dear! Hope you are all fighting fit soon! :) x

  5. Those darn bugs! But boy is Bambi cute!
    Erica :)

  6. Get well soon little squirrel !

  7. New crafting?...I see an owl...I see a doily...I will be back! EE xx

  8. Hope everyone feels better really soon.
    M x

  9. Sorry to hear about your illness, a typical thing to happen as they start back to school, hope you're all well soon.


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