Friday, 18 October 2013 always amazes me how much expression you can put
into a little face with just a few
dots and dashes....

does anybody remember the 'shaker' shop? was right at the time when the primitive/shaker/americana style was all the rage.... of these shops was right down the bottom end 
of the king's road in london...
...and we would trek all the way down there
especially to seek out these shaker dolls....
(christmas was the best time for this adventure)
...such simplistic 'stick man' styling....
...but i still love them now....
...and wish the shaker shop still existed!
(this is vintage 'heartsandcraftsbysj')

...this week a new little cutie arrived at my door...
....i have admired melodie stacey's quirky creations
for a while now.....
...but I could no longer resist when I spotted 'pebble' in her 
...her little simplistic face reminded me of my 
old 'sticky' shaker dolls...
....and this time of year with all the pre-christmas excitement...

....but that's something that never changes though.....
..i just had to share this adorable christmas window display
i spotted in castle cary....
....... and i'm beginning to get the buzz!

...have you started your shopping yet?


  1. So much fun stuff . I also love the little Kewpie and pup in the side bar.
    Big fan ow Kewpie ! :))

  2. Yes! Yes! I remember the Shaker Shop! As a child mum and I used to go to London every few weeks because we lived a train ride away, then I worked in London so I could use my train ticket at weekend for shopping. Used to try and seek out all the unusual shops from Carnaby Street to Chelsea! The only Shaker shop I know of now is the museum shop at Claverton Manor Bath (The American Museum)
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. I was a big fan of shaker shops, and I used to love those dolls, and those wooden boxes they did too! Not started just yet but must soon, I will be beside myself with Christmas glee but usually contain myself until December! :) x

  4. What are you like.....Pebble is glorious and her necklace is so I am not getting the 'buzz' not yet it has to be a least november!
    bestest to you....and all the little Squirrel and big Mr squirrel too xxxx

  5. These dolls have such thoughtful expressions, curious, really, so much more interesting than 'normal' dollies! Chrissie x

  6. Your dolls are very sweet, I don't remember the shop but I love the style. I secretly have the buzz already and have bought some things.. To spread the cost more than anything.

  7. No I am not getting the christmas buzz yet ... usually kicks in around November for me. I love all your dolls pictured - even tho the american primitive country style seems to have "passed" for now, I still really love the style of those dolls & enjoy making them & having them around looking at me.

  8. I remember the Shaker Shop in Marylebone! I remember making a pilgrimage there one day from my house in east London and the only thing I could afford was a tiny, tiny wooden box!

  9. Oh pebble is just lovely, and i am a fan of Staceys work too,they ooze character her little creatures, and are yet so delicate in nature,
    And yes, i remember the shaker shops, we had one in Canterbury, which i used to love to just wander round, it always smelt of cinnamon in there, and Christmas was definatly the best time to visit...........i think a revival of these shops would wonderful.

    Lovely post
    Pixie xx

  10. I really enjoyed this post. I do love the simplicity of the shaker style but I dont remember the shaker shop.

  11. ooo i love maidolls (infact I linked to her just last week in my art-stopping sunday post!) and saw pebble and adored her! You lucky thing xxx

  12. I remember the shaker shop! I used to buy a small amount from them online and drool over a lot more that I couldn't afford. Been' feeling festive on and off for a while and now have three Christmas presents bought XX


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