Tuesday, 15 October 2013

popping in to the pop- up vintage fair.....

...yesterday my partner in bloggy crime miss daisy and i
were lucky enough to visit the pop-up 
vintage at the village hall fair in blandford....
as you know we were more than a little excited...
...so we took some calming deep breaths...
and made time for a coffee...
....before scrambling into the car and getting there ASAP!!!

..before we had even got inside we spotted liz and her
beautiful washerwoman stall....
i loved this tulip mirror...
...but started the 'shopping' ball rolling
with this gorgeous vintage embroidery...
( i think liz had a funny feeling i might like it!!)
(oh dear.... so predictable....but it was mine wasn't it?)

..the town hall in blandford provided the perfect backdrop
for the fair....
imagine our excitement as we walked in to the buzz of all this....
....we hardly knew where to start...
we were warmly greeted like old friends 
by the fair's clever organiser
who looked the part in a stunning vintage hat...

...this was the table set up for pearl lowe's book signing...
we would be back!!!......
oh my goodness there was just so much to see and fall in love with..
it would be impossible to show you it all....
so i have really tried to whittle it down....
suffice to say i know you would've loved it...
..the squirrel indulged in a little retail therapy
at marina's vintage jane pitch....
...i loved the pups of course...
..but i joined pearl lowe at her vintage clothing rails...
...and fancied a rather fluffy mustard mohair number...
(more of that later.....)
we were so pleased to meet ellie from
jelly jam at last.....
...ellie's stall was colour co-ordinated
and offered a wonderful selection of her homemade goodies
(she must have the most amazing fabric stash!)
mixed in with lots of retro vintage goodies....
...just next door to ellie we met the lovely sue from
her eclectic mix of adorable plushies and irresistible cushions and bags proved to be very popular...
...she even had some quirky lavender 'prawns'!!!
..these amazing hand stitched creations were the work of
....just had to have the squirrel didn't i?
...the whole event was so brilliantly organised...
 the talented sara sinaguglia was even there
running an informal crochet workshop
and kindly signing copies of her popular book
she was so friendly and her tiny intricate crochet work
was beautiful!
...after taking some fresh air and a few moments to reflect..
we returned to meet pearl....
we overcame our blushes(went a bit shy!?!?)
and had a lovely chat.... she was just charming...
...and told us about her new project which sounds very exciting...
...all in all it was an amazing time...
...we met so many people....
bloggers...IG followers...facebook friends...
i even met the delightful 'willie'!!!
(as charismatic and charming as you would imagine ladies!)

i managed to keep to my strict budget....
....although this was a struggle....
...i still seemed to do very well....
...i needed this tiny little sailor brooch for instance...
...i found lots of amazing embroidered trims...
(almost too cute to cut?)
...and my snuggly vintage mustard mohair cardigan...
....i will think of all my new bloggy friends
and this special day....
...every time i wear it!


  1. What does 'charismatic' mean.....! HeHe! :).
    AND! YES! Was'nt it great....!
    Putting some lovely faces to some lovely Blogs,
    l follow!
    The whole place took me back to my childhood,
    and, made me chuckle, when l saw some vintage
    nightgowns...Remember my Mum wearing them.
    I of course, always wore nightshirts...HeHe! AND,
    still do....(Am l allowed to disclose that). :>).
    Can't be doing with silly pyjamas..."Nuff Said".

    So! There we are.....A good day all round...Amen! x

    1. For 'charismatic' read......gorgeous handsome and utterly darling!it really was a wonderful day x

  2. You lucky spud - what an absolute treasure trove that looks. And as for the mohair cardigan - gorgeous x Jane

    1. Gosh but it's very hot to wear!!! A treasure trove indeedx

  3. Oh it sounds divine! Loving the goodies x

  4. Wow, what an amazing Fair! I understand what you mean about being 'shy, ... Last year I met Rachelle of Granny Chic at the Country Living Fair and was quite starstruck! Love all your lovely buys and the stalls look absolutely amazing. The icing on the cake must have been meeting Willie, in the flesh, so to speak ... wish you'd had a photo together!

    Have a wonderful week,

    Love Claire xxx

    1. Isn't it silly though? She was so lovely and approachable...... I never normally get starstruck but I definitely went a little pink and quiet!! everybody should meet Willie......he's such fun! X

  5. ooo how amazing does that day look! x

  6. wow thank-you for your kind words. I'm so happy you enjoyed it.
    It was such a fabulous day, I can't get over the amount of people who came through.
    Please may I use some of your pics on the fb album, I was so busy I only managed to take a few.
    Lovely to meet you, Elaine xx

    1. it was such a fabulous turn out but it was definitely one not to miss! So pleased it was such a success and can't wait for the next one! Please feel free to repin my pics (a little squirrel mention would be lovely😉)..... Look forward to meeting you again love E x

  7. Thank you for the lovely mention, what a day it was! Sooooo looking forward to the next one! xx

    1. gosh it's a quick turnaround for you..... So wish I could come to Frome on Saturday...... Have a wonderful time I'm with you in spirit!!! X

  8. The little sailor brooch is so cute! He looks like a happy fellow.

  9. couldn't resist him ..... miss daisy bought a beautiful brooch at the same time too.... very happy shoppers! X

  10. Ooh my lord! I'm here ....Goodness I am excited by all the loveliness....and Pearl Lowe...Such a pretty lady! LOVE that you have captured little bits for us Gals who just couldn't be there...sob sob....And Willie, well that in it's self is a claim to fame, Miss Squirrel! hehe,,,Ooh and Miss VJ! ( Marina) a lovely blog friend! I must say also You look wonderful in your new mohair, isn't if lovely to find some thing so individual and unique! Going back for another nosey!!! hugs Maria x

    1. So wish you were there...... we did think of you! 😉...... One day we will meet I'm sure of it! X

  11. Sounds like a bloggers bonanza...and you met Willie! A grand day indeed. xx

    1. Obviously willie was the highlight of the day for me! X

  12. What a fun day you've had! My oh my a lot of pretties have found themselves at your house! Everything you've acquired is just gorgeous! Loving the mustard mohair, too... Chrissie x

    1. thank you chrissie........ not allowed out for the rest of the month now! X

  13. Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all !
    I love the mohair sweater .
    I always start humming Benny and the Jets whenever someone mentions mohair "electric moves a mohair suit ya know I read it in a magazeeeene Ba Ba Ba Benny and the Jets " oops sorry ~ I loved that song too :)
    Thanks for the share !

    1. Loving that song....... I love my new furry mohair too...... and I think pearl bought an amazing leopard print coat! X

  14. What wonderful photos of what looks like a wonderful day....lucky you......and Pearls book is definatly one i need to add to my book shelves, great post luvvy....xx Pixie

  15. You look gorgeous in it....told you!
    miss you already...until next time....
    D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. Wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing the photos. You made some super purchases, look forward to seeing how you use those trims. I will look out for you in your mustard cardi at future fairs!
    Hen xxx

  17. i love the squirrel card and the sailor badge and you look so glamourous in your mohair cardigan - i can remember my sister and my auntie wearing those!!!!! what will you do with the embroidery? i have just bought some off ebay - bit expensive i got totally carried away and probably would have been better off going to a fair because you can see the product then!!!! anyway i am hoping to make a few handbags - got the idea off mrs custard - i'm really glad you had such a lovely day xx

  18. What lovely finds! Oh! The sailor brooch!
    You look fab in your cardigan of delights!

  19. Glad you shared all of your excitements here so we can share a bit. Wish I'd been able to click my red heels together and arrive in Dorset for what looked like a wonderful day indeedy. Very chic pic that bottom one with your scarf just so. Thinking of Babychams and open topped cars.

  20. Such pretty pictures (as always) and I have fallen for the charms of the squirrel embroidered ribbon trimming. Thank you for sharing this lovely day!



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