Monday, 25 November 2013

is it a bird......? is it a plane.....? it's a badger angel.....
..or rather a 'badgel'... thought it wasn't possible....
...but the badgers have landed....
....with wings....

...the very thing
for your christmas woodland display this year....
...a 'badgel' is just as happy sitting on a shelf...
....perched on top of a christmas tree...
.....or flying high....
...bewitched,bothered and bewildered bernard
can only admire from below in admiration.....
......i think he has a twinkle in his eye 
for belinda......
....all available in my etsy shop


  1. Well I can truly say that I have never before seen a badgel, BUT, I love them!! So cute and definately a new one on me. xx

  2. Another amazing creation! You top Santa's nice list this year, you have shared so many beautiful handmade beauties! Chrissie x

  3. Sooo gorgeous! My little Bessie Badgel is very happy in her new home, keeping watch over my craft room :-) Looking forward to seeing the rest of your Christmas Winter Woodland Collection too!
    Have a happy week,

  4. Oh, these are adorable. They will FLY off your shop shelf I am sure! M x

  5. Adorable! Wish I could think of someone to buy this for (apart from me, that is!)

  6. Love these badgers....With wings to!
    Love the name 'Badgel'.
    They should have a warning sign...
    'Beware Low Flying Badgels'.
    There was a young badger from Wales,
    Whose sett was invaded by snails,
    The shells she all crunched,
    On escargot she lunched,
    'Til all that was left...Where their tails...!

    Most badgers with hair,
    Are black and white, not fair,
    But when they all fight,
    Their hair stands up to a great height,
    So they resemble a miniature bear....!

  7. Angels that are also badgers!!! TOO cute for words!!! :-)

  8. So gorgeous and adorable!! I am sure you will sell heaps of these gorgeous creatures! xoxo

  9. I hope Bernard will be the wind beneath their wings and not run off with Belinda. xx

  10. Oh my goodness I just adore those badger angels!!! Inspired!

  11. That did make me laugh out loud much to the bemusement of my husband, love it badgel! Harry Hill will definitely want them in the badger parade.

  12. So darling! I agree, you should sell heaps!

  13. Your work is so good... Love the Badgers

  14. These are sooo adorable!! What a lovely job! Too cute! Have a lovely rest of the week!! xo Holly


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