Wednesday, 18 December 2013

...steiff up your life!....... this time of year...
the cabinet doors are gleefully flung open....
....and my festive steiff animals
are released to the world to be displayed, admired and enjoyed....
...when i first met my husband
he had strangely never dated a girl with a monkey cupboard before!?!
so i felt it was my duty 
to introduce him to the 'joys of toys'... day whilst i was dragging him around a favourite bear shop
i was rather pleased when he fell in love with this rather splendid 
brown bear.....
....i secretly purchased him as a birthday present...
which turned out to be a canny move.... he loved him so much that this actually marked the start
of a new shared love affair with
steiffs on wheels!
....from that moment on we spent many happy hours 'bear hunting'
snuffling in specialist shops.....
....waiting for that heart stopping moment
when we'd find a new 'must have'....
...a little face that spoke to us.....
....we smile to ourselves now
because in the early days of our marriage 
we were really very hard up.....
...yet we chose to spend any of our spare pennies
on these guys! come the boys!!
well there had to be monkeys of course!)
...once the children came along
our wheelie collecting came to rather an abrupt end...

...but we have never regretted those crazy, hazy days...
....and would recommend treating yourself or someone special
to one of these beauties as an extra special gift...
....look for that button in the ear....
....and you can be guaranteed a gorgeous lifelong friend...
....and a wonderful investment too!


  1. Oh my goodness - they are AMAZING! I love them all. And what a lovely story about he brown bear - he is very special indeed :) xxx

  2. Glorious capers - the bear and the monkey look like they're having such fun! Nice that they can get out and enjoy a festive frolic x Jane

  3. Love the monkeys. We once had a bear shop and it was great when it was our turn to lend the Steiff animated display.

  4. They are so beautiful and I love that you bring them out to share Christmas with you and add to the decorating! Happy Christmas. xx

  5. What a fabulous collection. xoxo


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