Tuesday, 31 December 2013

out with the old........

....always so sad to say goodbye to santa for another year.....

....but its in with the new!
...you know me....i love a creme egg or three...
...but it does shock more every year when they appear
on boxing day in the supermarkets!
...imagine my surprise then 
to find a vintage embroidered spring chicken..
making a mockery of my christmas decorations...
...just wait your turn little lady!

....so happy new year to you all....
...thank you for your bloggy friendship and support....
....and all best wishes for a fun filled evening tonight...
...and love and crafty vintagey joy in 2014!



  1. Happy New Year Miss Squirrel! Spotted my first mesh bag of popping candy Easter Eggs in the Co-op the day before Christmas Eve ... think that's the earliest yet!

    Hope you have a fabulous year

    Love Claire xxx

  2. Ha ha already had two creme eggs, love them! Happy New Year. x

  3. All the Best for 2014! Put away the decorations and took down the tree today with much sadness...bring on the eggs & chickens! Ha ha. x

  4. happy new year gorgeous! its been a joy to find you! loving that snow globe and so excited about the possibility of the new year xxxx

  5. Oh no, not Easter eggs already!! Says she who pinned a cute crochet bunny today! Happy New Year to you! xx

  6. Happy 2014 old gal! may it be one of the bestest ever for you...and the other squirrels of course...love ya D xx

  7. Happy new year dearyo...xx

  8. Have a great 2014.... Full of fun and colourful, creative craftiness! :) x

  9. Haha! Well it was fun while it lasted! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year too!

  10. Happy New Year to you ... hope to see you at a fair soon! M x


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