Wednesday, 11 December 2013

...introducing mr.michael bauble.........

....just when i had given up all hope
of finding any vintage kitsch christmas cuties
 in my local charity shops.....
....who should walk into my life????
....i just hadn't met him yet....
.....but it was swooning love at first sight of course.....
....i think i may even have gasped a little....
....but i have since discovered
a certain arrogance in his swagger....
.....that is masked by his charming good looks.....
.....and polka dotted pipe cleaner legs....
.....first he tried to hang out in my squirrel themed tree..
..but his constant gags about their 'nuts' wore a little thin....
....he then upset the deer...
.....and attempted to pinch the top slot
by chatting up the christmas tree fairy....
....and this was just a step too far!

...after a few quiet words....
....i have found his home....
...where he can be king of the swingers......
....and he's feeling good!
have you found any festive vintage treasure this year?


  1. That made me snigger, love him. I found some lovely sparkly, shiny retro baubles yesterday they are now at home on our tree, they didn't have such an exciting adventure as michael has had xx

  2. OMG omg... we have them leftover from before I was born....I have loved them forever....and inherited them from my Mum when she moved to Florida! so yours too must be from the sixties...oh so well found and such a clever name only a vanilla squirrel could think up that gem...xxxxxxx

  3. so funny, I love him! I have a great new stash of Xmas goodies which I probably need to share! Lizzie x

  4. He's such a cutie! You did well to find him.

  5. Oh so funny, he is going to be trouble, I tell. So funny about the name, I call that certain Michael, Michael Bubble, but Bauble is much better! xx

  6. Glad Mr Bauble has found his home, I'm sure he'll be very happy there!

  7. Love this post and your little fellow is delightful!

  8. Hello, you would never believe it, I went into my local charity shop today and bought his brother for 10 p. And he is just as naughty as his brother!!!!!

  9. Great post, funny to read ...thanks

  10. ~Ah yes - I have a few of these pipe cleaner fellows in various states of dilapidation. No Christmas bargains this year but I have had one or two over the decades so I cannot complain. Decked the tree today so feeling more festive!
    Best wishes

  11. Never seen one like that before! he's amazing, like daisy, I have some from my childhood, including a plastic fairy that always topped the tree. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  12. Ha! He's fabulous! I did indeed unearth some kitschmas treasure, in the form of the most fabulous seven dwarfs, which are now safely installed on my tree :) xxx

  13. Loved this Emma, what a naughty fellow. Loved the pic of the angels horror as he lies in the manger looking the worse for wear. I have one of these too, I thought I had a couple, but seems he's wandered off somewhere.


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