Friday, 14 February 2014

....hearts and flowers.....'s so wet and grey and miserable....
....sometimes you have to dig deep to feel the love!
...but i found this pretty vintage housecoat at the bottom of my
(rather large) ironing pile.....
...i'd forgotten i'd bought it so it was a happy discovery
...and so made me wish for sunny days....
(talk about a silver lining!)
 here's hoping we don't have to wait too long for spring!

...i always love to have fresh flowers at home...
...but you can't beat the joy of receiving a bunch
that have been chosen and given to you as a gift...
..these beauties just get better with every day...
...thank you my 'secret' admirer x
...yesterday i shared yummy pink macaroons with the lovely
and was thrilled to see my valentine love bunnies
taking pride of place in their central
valentine display!
(just hoped they could breathe in there!?!)
thank you so much!
....happy to have completed this big kokeshi custom order...
....and now i'm itching to get stitching again...
....lambs in pink boots have been playing on my mind...
...wishing you all love and happy days
...and thank you for all your bloggy love
and friendship!


  1. Oh my oh my.... what a busy squirrel you have been!
    May I say that everything is looking very rosy and oh so gorgeous on your blog today...lots of love...d x

  2. Just the happy, dreamy post I need as I watch my garden turn into a puddle...lovely to see your pretty makes displayed so cleverly! Chrissie x

  3. Just gorgeous ... those bunnies are too cute ... Bee xx

  4. Where do you find the time Miss Squirrel?! x

  5. Soo much fabulousness as always!
    Happy weekend,

  6. I'm almost tempted to look at the bottom of my ironing pile but fear I will never be found again - just two feet sticking out of a bundle of tablecloths and shirts! Beautiful roses x Jane

  7. Wish I found such lovliness at the bottom of my ironing pile....oooojust a odd holey sock. Ha! X

  8. Everything you make is so sweet! :-)


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