Monday, 21 January 2013

.....finding treasure...... i had a quiet thrifty wander...
...seeking but not knowing 
what i was looking for.....
...until i found it...
..a lovely old ladybird book...

..the lovely illustrations are by a.j.macgregor...
..the little boy reminded me of someone..
...he is very like christopher robin.... special doll is made by the 
artist r.john.wright...
..he lives in my guest room with all of his friends....
...i was so lucky to be given
 this wonderful collection when my squirrel parents moved house....

..the attention to detail is amazing...
..these little sandals have perfect little buckles..
(i think piglet is my favourite) in finding this book...
...i re-found some treasure...
..that was already mine.

..what a lucky day!


  1. What a lovely post (and blog!). I have quite a large collection of vintage ladybird books - picked up from flea markets and charity shops, but I don't have this one, lovely. x Sarah (C.Pip)

  2. What an amazing collection! Lovely figures, so detailed and the books a great thrifty find too.

    Hope the weather's being kind to you!

    Claire xxx

  3. What a fantastic collection, i adore winnie the pooh, it was a book that i read over and over as a child, and i still have my original copy.
    Lovely post
    Pixie xx

  4. Gosh you have the sweetest things..... :) x

  5. That's fab. How wonderful to have squirrelling parents. My other half and I are always lamenting that our parents have long since given away anything we would appreciate. So nice to know your parents value them. I most love those little sandals, would love to be able to get some "real" ones for the munchkin.
    Hen x

  6. Amazing ... the detail is so fantastic ... what a lot of lovely treasure you have ... Bee xx

  7. You're right, your Christopher Robin does look like the boy in the book! An amazing doll, what a gentle face he has :) A beautiful collection! My parents were squirrels of the worst kind, but the stuff I dragged out of their house wasn't nearly so fun as this. Wendy

  8. What wonderful and sweet treasures!! A sweet book to find! Have a great week! xo Heather

  9. Oh I love piglet too!!!!!!
    Happiness is found vintage treasures and the ones given from people you love.
    Love V

    Well...I have 120 of them...And, yep!
    I still read them...O.K. They were my
    daughters..And, as l have no patience
    in reading 'story' books, they are still
    ideal for me...! :).

    And, does'nt the little doll, look so

  11. ~ Those Lady bird books bring back so many sweet memories~
    What a cute little guy, Christopher Robin is and indeed your collection! I love them all, most especially Eeyeor! THINK he was always my favourite
    .... Your squirrelling, parents most certainly left you wonderful treasure...
    Thank you for sharing with us all!
    Love Maria x

  12. Great find - the illustrations are beautiful.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  13. Beautiful collection! How lucky you are to own it. Sometimes thrifted treasures come along that just seem to scream serendipity, don't they? The dog in the book reminds me of mine, too! x

  14. What a wonderful collection - lucky you. Lovely book too - I haven't got that one in MY collection!
    M x

  15. Oh my goodness!!! I knew EXACTLY what that book was from just the top of the 1st picture, as I scrolled down! It was my absolute favourite when I was little! Although I wouldn't let my mom or dad read the sad bit in the middle. The had to skip it and just read the beginning and happy ending! :-)
    Thank you for bringing back that memory!!!

  16. I recognise these pictures! I had this book read to me as a child, I think I still have it actually! Heather x

  17. They are so sweet.. I think the piglet is my favourite one too. I love the ladybird book as well.
    Thanks so much for the comment on my blog, I hope to return to blogging and commenting some time soon x
    Magie x


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