Thursday, 24 January 2013

....the look of love.....

...'un coup de coeur'...
...whatever it was...
...i loved this bunny instantly...
...not just a fleeting thought....
...but a sense we belonged..
...together forever...
...she was crafted by the lovely sophie..
..and spied on her beautiful blog

..i'm not sure where she's going to live yet..
..she looks cute everywhere..
 ...i'm smitten by the mittens! pop to sophie's shop..
 treat yourself to an early valentine
time for tea!
what treats have you had today?


  1. ooooooooooooO!
    I have two of Miss Daisy's 'Slugs'....
    I picked up this morning....Two......
    Two-Tone pink ones..AND....There sitting
    on my coffee table, with the 'Angry Birds'
    she made before Christmas...
    Have to think of names for them yet...
    There great...Love'em to bits....! :).
    HeHe! A pink slug is a happy slug......!

  2. hellooo lovely at home in your lovely nest ;0) i spied those at fading grace~ sophies very talented. i do love the vintage and handmade ;0)x

  3. I fell in love with that bunny when I first saw her on Fading Grace! How sweet is she! Glad she found a good home.

  4. Love the bunny,
    and the cup and saucer is beautiful

  5. ~ Awwww She has found a lovely home, with You! Wondering what You are going to call her? Many moons ago I had a dolly like her (when small) ~ WISH I still had her now! I have been a bit naughty and treated my self today also ~ With a beautiful mirror, for my boudoir!! Shhh don't tell the Mr! Leaving YOU with a spring in my step, as always....
    Love Maria x

  6. How utterly adorable! Love, love, love! I'm sure she's already well settled in her new home!
    Tania ♥

  7. Such a cute face, and simply adorable! The tea set is so sweet! Hope you have a great day! xo Heather

  8. I love these little bunny dolls Sophie makes, you're right, she looks nice everywhere ... but especially beside your lovely teacup! Wendy

  9. Such sweetness! I must investigate Sophie's blog right away! It seems I've been missing really cute Bunny Dolls!

  10. What a cute little doll! And I LOVE that cup and saucer!!!

  11. what a stupendous pixie/elf the blog...have alot of back reading to do! thank you for commenting on my blog its nice to know there is someone out there!


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