Tuesday, 1 January 2013

..... it's a new dawn, it's a new day.......

...and the sun was shining....
...apparently it is human nature to be drawn to the sea on New Year's Day....
..an intrinsic desire to cleanse...
....and start anew.....
..and that was certainly true in 
Lyme Regis today...
...we love the buzz.....
..but we also love our quiet bit of beach...

...oh and this is my first vintage find of 2013.....
...and I'm feeling good!


  1. I can certianly understand that - we always like to go to the beach at New Year and blow away the cobwebs. The beach piccies are lovely and I love your dalmation find.

  2. I had a walk up to the beach today too ... Was lovely in the sunshine! Love the doggynations (my son's name for them a long time ago!) what a great find!

    Love, Claire xxx

  3. Oh so lovely...those doggies....the lab and the dalmations!
    d x

  4. wasn't it a perfect new years day? I took Bruce for a long ride and just lapped up that long-forgotten sunshine.
    Love the 101 dalmatians- what better way to start the year than vintaging and seasiding!

  5. New Dawn...New Day....!
    Are you a fan of Nina Samone.....Miss Squirrel....!

    'Feeling Good...'.1994...(Great Song).
    "Birds flying high..You know how l feel...
    Sun in the sky.....etc etc...".

    Goodness....Have'nt been to Lyme Regis in years...! :).

  6. Hello sweetie! What lovely photos! I am glad you had a lovely New Year's Day! Your first find of the year is fabulous! I love doggies and those are so sweet! Glad you are feeling good! Love, Paula xoxo

  7. Lovely photos ... I love the sea anytime of the year ... love the dogs ... great find ... Bee xx

  8. Happy, peaceful, creative New Year to you! I am so happy I found The Vanilla Squirrel this evening and all your lovely treasures. I'm off to follow you :-)


  9. Happy New Year to you and yours dear. Just catching up with your lovely images and posts. I know just what you mean about the seaside - 'our' bit of the beach was more packed than on an August Bank Holiday! Standing room only - good to see though
    Best wishes for 2013


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