Thursday, 17 January 2013

....hidden treasure!

..this is a story of surprises....
...of finding joy in unexpected places...
...of lasting friendships...
...a story about a monkey who had a secret!
...every year my squirrelling parents
try to travel to holland to visit 
the utrecht vintage toy fair...
...they always return
 with the most amazing 'finds'(I WANT TO GO!!)...
...they stay with our dear dutch friends..
.. who share our love 
of antiques, vintage, childhood nostalgia...
...this year our 'vriendiin eekhoorn'
(dutch squirrel friend??)
discovered an endearing norah wellings monkey
(remember my binky?)
..fell for that little face and adopted him!
..but once home it was felt that all was not quite what it seemed.... 
..with a little explorative investigation..
...and a delicate operation...
...a large piece of vintage fabric was discovered stuffed inside our little monkey!
....quel suprise!!!!(i know...french not dutch) you can see it is very unusual... has lovely little illustrations...
..and quirky little sayings... english!!!...
...the material was gently packaged up..
..and kindly sent back to england with
my parents...... be 'vanilla squirrelled'
 into something crafty...
...hmmmm what to do? mum asked me to make something special
for her friend (of some 30 years)
to send back to holland ...
...a gift of friendship... i mooted and pondered...
...gathered together a mix of materials, ribbons, buttons....doilies!....
...and pondered and mooted...
..and made a trio of lavender pillows...
....that will hopefully last another 
30 years...
...a symbol of a lasting friendship...
...and a special little monkey...

...with a hidden secret.


  1. What a great surprise and what beautiful pillows ... I am sure they will be gratefully received ... wishing you a lovely weekend ... Bee xx

  2. Gorgeous story, gorgeous monkey and gorgeous present. How sweet!

  3. Too cute and from my hometown of Utrecht! :-)

  4. What a lovely gift you've made and what a surprise! Wonder why it was stuffed in the monkey in the first place? Has poor monkey recovered?

    Lovely lavender bags, but then I'm biased!

    Love Claire xx

  5. I just love that story and your binky too, but most of all I love what you did with the is most divine dear squirrel.

  6. What an amazing find! - wouldn't it be lovely to know the story behind it all, who, when and why? Monkey must feel more comfortable.

  7. ~ What a beautiful story, YOU have quite made my morning, Miss Squirrel.
    I am going to reread again..... And I soo love that material ,with all those'sayings from times gone by ~ You have given it another life, which is lovely!
    Awww Mr Monkey, Tis Love , I believe.
    ~ Leaving YOU with a smile ,as always. :)
    Love Maria

  8. Lovely story. I love the pillows You made :o)
    And I love the monkey :o)
    have a fab weekend XxXx

  9. What a wonderful little tale, with a beautiful ending! :) x

  10. :-)
    What a nice story! It made me smile.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend.....

  11. A precious gift and monkey!! Your lavender pillows are so beautiful and I am sure will be treasured! xo Heather

  12. What a lovely story and what you made out of the material too! I love old toys and treasure my fathers ones, which l have been so very fortunate to inherit. Happy weekend from Pam in Norway

  13. Oh what a lovely story, and your lavender satchets are just gorgeous....a really really lovely post.
    Pixie x

  14. Wow, that is one cool monkey. What a surprise to find that fabric and a great idea to make lavender pillows!



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