Friday, 4 January 2013

.....happy new finds!!.......

....a happy day was spent snuffling and truffling 
in lovely Bridport today......
...i love this little gnome...
..not too sure where he's going to live.....
....he looks good in lot's of places..
so it's confusing...
Bridport has a fabulous 'vintage village'...
with great places to hunt....
gnomey was waiting for me in one of my favourite shops..
...there are lots of lovely 'stanley's' in here that I have pined 
for but are not for sale.....
...but with a little time and patience i did manage to find one of my own....(hurray)
this little royal lady was just £1!!...
she has so much detail and her little velvet cloak is perfect!

....I have lots of unfinished crafting going on....
...trying to resolve to complete them all before starting new projects... much to do and so little time... this space...


  1. I'm not familiar with a 'Stanley' but once bought my daughter a 'chalkware' terrier dog that looks very similar. You've picked up some lovely things in your treasure hunt! Wendy

  2. Arrrh yes am doing the same, finishing off things, my quit is almost done so there will soon be a tah dah of the wonky variety ...Stanleys are like hens teeth arn't they? I have one and I love him more than chocolate :-)xx
    See you soon for some crochet???
    S x

  3. Hello, thanks for visiting my blog :-) It's lovely to 'meet' you! x

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment on mine ... enjoy your new reading ... I love the little squirrel and the red and green lettering ... Bee xx

  5. I love Gnome so match fantasie for a cild.

  6. We also snuffled in Bridport..but on Saturday...
    I've lost my vintage mojo at the moment though and couldn't bring myself to part with any pennies... Hoping to get it back for next week though when I need my business head back on!

    Wonder if our paths crossed at Lyme on Saturday?! We had a lovely lunch in a cafe near the Mill.

    Safe journey home,
    Niki x

  7. I love the Gnome I bet he does look good in different
    places. Good luck on the new crafty projects.

    All the best

    Little Bun x

  8. Hello! I have just discovered this wonderful corner of the blogging universe, and love it! Your little gnome is too cute! I look forward to following your adventures! Regards, Tania

  9. Hello sweet vanilla squirrel! I love your little gnome! What a wonderful find! You can move him in a new spot everyday! Bridport looks like a fabulous place to visit! Love the Stanley's too! I am so glad you found one for yourself! Yay! The little royal lady is lovely and what a treasure she is! So happy for you! I look forward to seeing your makes! I love the letters! So clever! Have a happy day! Love, Paula xo

  10. I spy my Millie's been here before me. Well I loved the gnome, then the dogs, then your wee Queen I'd have been grabbing those quick pronto too.

    I think we're all trying to get more of those unfinished thongs sorted before we get into new years bad ways of adding more to the pile.

    Glad you're taking part in the swap by the way.
    Lisa X

  11. Great Buys..I really like the cute little gnome x

  12. What beautiful and sweet new finds!! The gnome is adorable!! I have lots of unfinished crafting, too!! Wishing you a crafty and sweet week!! Happy New Year! xo Heather

  13. What a lovely little fella and find.

    Happy New Year,

    Nina x

  14. OOOOO that last pic would make a great new banner!
    I am home on wednesday to sleep and cuddle Pepe.....
    So so hot here Yawn....xx


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