Monday, 20 May 2013

.....mistaken identity......'s funny being a squirrel.....
....because i have always been a bunny... a child i was always 'bugs'
....which later graduated to 'flopsy'!
....i have always collected all sorts 
of critters....
...but bunnies have always been a favourite.. it is rather strange to now be 
associated with squirrels...
....the 'vanilla squirrel' title
came from my own family...
....apparently when i sew i have squirrel hands....
....and 'vanilla' relates to my blonde hair
(and the children thought it was funny!?!)
..well this weekend...
...i went back to my roots...
...and made a bunny...
...i've called her Freya... the fabric was so soft it kept fraying..
....and it was quite a job to put her together!
...i think i will need to 
make a squirrel next!


  1. Well....I love Bunnies and squirrels...! :).
    Oh! Hang on...This is not a food it!
    oooops! Sorry! :).

    Love the bunny up top though..You'll have to
    make a squirrel, Miss Squirrel...Don't think
    l've seen one yet, on here.....!
    You'll have fun making the tail..

    HeHe! Certainly tickled the funny side of my brain...
    "What is the bunnies favourite dance"?
    "Hip-Hop" :>).

    "What's the squirrels favourite ballet"?
    "The Nutcracker". :=).

    HeHe! Here's a rude one...
    "Why do squirrels lay on their tummies"?
    "To keep their nuts warm". ;).

    Lovely Post...Must go lie down now!!!!

  2. ~ she is sooo soft and dreamy....Squirrels, bunnies, kitties....LOVE them all....~ and I LOVE your name...It suits you so very well....~ and Freya's too...~ Happy days ~ Maria x

  3. She's just lovely! Bunny, squirrel....doesn't matter, you always make the most wonderful things! :) x

  4. Your little bunny is adorable and just begging to be cuddled. A little squirrel to keep her company would be just perfect! M x

  5. Love the Bunny, rabbits are one of my favourite critters,think I might have to go round the house and do a Bunny photo parade, would love the little tea set.

  6. I think I've fallen in love with Bunny...
    Tania x

  7. Freya is so so have done it have magic Squirrel hands i do believe....xxxx

  8. I love a little bunny ... Freya is a beauty ... Bee xx

  9. Freya is so lovely she is beautiful
    Julie xxxxxx

  10. I think Freya is really sweet :-) dee x

  11. She's a beautiful bunette ... Sarah x

  12. Poor fraying Freya ... always falls apart at the seams. Rabbits are a favourite of mine too, and we have a baby living in the backyard (eating lilies!). I like your 'evolution of doll' frame ... although I wouldn't want to see it in a darkened hallway or anything. Have a great week Ms. Squirrel! Wendy :)

  13. I love bunnies and squirrels, hedgehogs also come close for me too!! Your Freya is gorgeous.

  14. So that is how you came to be! Lovely makes as always
    Best wishes


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