Friday, 17 May 2013

...the eridge decorative living fair....

....well my friends... certainly didn't disappoint....

..i hope you're sitting comfortably
because there is so much to
show and tell.....

...the sun was shining and the setting was idyllic....

...the fair was organised by
whose beautiful books and embroidery 
have long been favourites of mine...

..we headed straight for caroline's stall
where we spotted these gorgeous dogs
who feature in her Childhood Treasures book

...we bought caroline's new book
which she kindly signed for us....

...and excitedly bought some
 'bags of inspiration'....

...gorgeous bags filled with hand picked items 
from carolines' own collection of
fabrics, ribbons, buttons,
and even examples of her own work...
...unfinished projects...
...they were so exciting to unpack.. you really didn't know what treasure you would find inside! was very difficult to keep focused..
...because EVERY stall was gorgeous...

..i was particularly excited to meet

...her stall was brimming with lovely things..

...but it was the bunny that got squirrelled!
(love him!!!)

...everybody was so friendly...
...i had a good rummage at

....i even had to go back
 just to make sure i hadn't missed anything the first time....
(which of course i had!!!)

..lots of bunting...

....this fabulous stall belonged to

....where i bought a couple of pretty aprons
and chatted to liz...
..a true fabric expert 
and fellow west country blogger!

..these were amazing...

...more chatting with the lovely roxanne from
where my mum bought my littlest squirrel this cute liberty print blouse...
(we both wanted one of the jumpers!!)

..another little bag of inspiration from
somerset based 'poacher's pocket'...

...more buttons of course...

...and bunnies!

...these guys belonged to
and it was lovely to meet her in person...

....the list of 'wants' was never ending...

...and at every turn there were
amazing treasures...
(just look at these!!!)
...this is definitely a fair i will
be revisiting next year...

...better start saving my pennies!


  1. aww it all looks so lovely. and so many amazing crafts people I bet you had such a lovely pleased, you deserve it squirrel and your finds are gorgeous xx

    1. oh would have LOVED it.....saw lots of things i know you would've wanted....met so many lovely people too...a real treat but am exhausted today!!!x

  2. Hello darling, it was a true pleasure to meet you and your lovely Mum yesterday. Thank you so much for spending your pennies with me and for this mention. I have enjoyed seeing all the things I missed yesterday here, super post. You looked stunning and it really was a wonderful to meet you. xxx

    1. oh viv.....this has brought a little tear to my eye...thank you for your kind words and it was nothing but a pleasure to buy your gorgeous things.....sure we will meet again soon...x

  3. You know I didn't breath all the way through reading this! Such loveliness, those bags of inspiration...well they're an....inspiration! I'd love to have gone! You've got some treasures there! :) x

    1. really was incredible...i am so inspired i don't know where to start....need to sleep...think...ponder...and get stitching!!!x

  4. Oh be still my beating heart - it looks divine! I'm off to the vintage and handmade fair in Milton Keynes at the start of June which I'm hoping will have as many beautiful treasures as you found! X

  5. Oh my goodness! It looks amazing - I wouldn't have been able to control myself ;) Thanks for sharing! xx

  6. doesn't get much better does it??!

  7. Haaa! I didn't breath all the way through reading this either! What a beautiful show! Every picture was filled with soft, cozy, and cute things!
    I bet you were in Heaven. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Yes, you better start saving those pennies!
    Erica :)

  8. adorable it all is....can't wait to see it in the 'flesh' so to you know those shoes at the end are the exact same style as the pair that were mine when tiny!...they were my first shoes and I still have them today are heroic in sacrificing your foraging time to take photos for all of us to who had to stay home and work!!!!!!

    love love D xxxx

  9. Such a wonderful day out, full of loveliness and wonderment
    so glad you enjoyed it
    Thea x

  10. What a lovely show, I wish I could go to some thing like that, would need a lot of pennies..thanks for sharing the photos and I look forward to seeing what you make from the things you bought...

  11. Ooo tis heaven on earth! LOVED it all.. I am having 'kittens' looking at it all...I want to goooo next time! ~ Have a fun weekend displaying all that loveliness, Miss Squirrel...~ love Maria x

  12. Oh it looks like a great day much gorgeous wonderous crafty things....and i do love a bag of mixed fabrics. x

  13. wow, what an amazing day you had !! all looks so lovely x.

  14. Wow lots of lovely photos here. I would have been like a child in a sweetie shop.

  15. What a fantastic post and so many gorgeous things, think I would have overspent had I been there. Jayne x

  16. Great post! I was there too..just blogged about it and gave you and your lovely blog a mention :)

  17. Oh wow, why didn't I know about this. It looks fantastic. I want to go next year ... ! M x

  18. Lovely to meet you at the fair, wasn't it gorgeous! Your photos are fantastic - see you somewhere soon no doubt! Lizzie x


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