Monday, 27 May 2013

...i've started so i'll finish.....

...well that's the plan anyway....
..i have been very busy in my Etsy shop.. I need to stock up my shelves again...
....but I also have lots of unfinished projects..... these cute little finger puppet heads I bought on eBay....
...i can't wait to make little bodies for them all
..and give them new life...
..this was my first attempt
But little miss mouse was feeling a little too bloated.... she had to go back for some reconstructive surgery....

...and then I found this lovely boy doll...
...who needs some trousers!!
....i have also been wanting to make a vanilla squirrel..
...and inspired by my lovely squirrel stamp
i have started cutting out a pattern today...
(for some reason making a squirrel is scary!?!?) as you can see there is much to do....
...i'll let you know how I get on!


  1. How cute is little miss mouse, love her! I can't wait to see your squirrel finished xx

  2. I have a 'witchy' feeling that squirrel is going to be your bestest ever better cut out six????

  3. Very inventive with the finger puppets! Can't wait to see the vanilla squirrel - she's going to be gorgeous, I can just tell!

  4. Ooh a squirrel! It will be fantastic like all your other makes x

  5. Those puppet heads are so cute, can't wait to see the finished vanilla squirrel ... Sarah x

  6. You are so clever, they are really cute.
    Julie xxxxxx

  7. Genius, you've done it again! :) x

  8. Such utter cuteness!!! little squirrel looks like he is turning out just fine - looking forward to seeing him finished.

  9. Love what you have done with your puppet heads...and squirrel well, easy peasy for a talent such as you xxx

  10. Oh I am so excited.....a squirrel is about to pop into the world made with love.......yay.
    love V

  11. These finger puppets and dolls look like so much fun to work with! Squirrels can't be too scary, can they? Good luck! Wendy

  12. You gals are all too clever! Why is it that whenever I approach a needle and thread it all ends up in a cobbly mess? M x

  13. oh gosh these are just delightful! xxx


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