Thursday, 29 August 2013

..beating the blues......

i always struggle in september...
...the end of the long holidays..
....the children are back to school...
... it takes me a while to adjust the old routine.... i'm trying to keep positive this year...
...and fight the blues...
...i found these amazing vintage japanese 
paper decorations in norfolk...
...and was going to save them for christmas..
...but as i was unpacking them last night..
...i decided i needed them now cheer my workspace!
...i then decided to frame some lovely
wrapping paper to hang in a prominent place..
....and with some fresh flowers...
 and a bit of re-jigging....

i think i'm ready for you september!


  1. ...and may i add that the framed paper makes that prominent place look divine!?

    Paper japanese decorations very love love....

    keep smiling...D xx

  2. Fret not! Those cheery decorations and creative, crafty surroundings will see you through the changing season. I'm trying to stay positive about getting back into a routine, but I'll need a new project or two to boost me along... Chrissie x

  3. I'm not looking forward to September as the little one starts big school. An era is over. Am sad by this x

  4. I know exactly how you feel. I always struggle with the last week of the holiday. This year I've organised a trip to London on Saturday and friends visiting us on the Sunday in the hope that it'll change that last weekend feeling. Now I'm sat here panicking I've not got all my school stuff done and getting distracted by beautiful blogs. When will I ever learn?
    Happy September, Ellie x

  5. Chin up, you just can't be blue when surrounded by all that loveliness! Just think of September as being a whole new exciting chapter yet to be read :-)

  6. We will all embrace it with renewed we always do! :) x

  7. Well much as I echo Jelly's feelings I thought I'd try to cheer you up with a little poem. Ahem - 'Ding dong dell, Summers in the well, Autumns 'round the corner and it'll be just swell!' There - best I can do at short notice - hope it helps! Jane x

  8. I have the end of summer blues too, but am trying to fight the too! I love your little statue of St Teresa, reminds me of my childhood, and wish I'd kept the little statues I received on special occasions, I had loads ...

    Keep your chin up and let's enjoy the last 3 weeks of summer ... Autumn's still a while away yet.

    Love Claire xxx

  9. You have made me smile the little " It's okay " heart .

  10. Just the same here, always hate the real world intruding. Every year Mike says at the end of summer shall we keep them home and home educate. That thought pulls me right up and I think ok let's get those school bags packed. Good luck to you as it isn't easy is it.

  11. I love those paper decorations! How pretty and cheerful they are!!! :-)


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