Saturday, 31 August 2013

....moore please........

...i was so excited to find a gorgeous
sarah moore crafty supplement
with this months country living magazine... 

...i love sarah's beautiful books
and always find them inspiring... fact one of my very first tentative
blog posts was a picture of some SM buns!

...i was lucky enough to meet sarah 
her stall was so pretty (of course)..
..this was a basket of her beautiful buns..
....and kitty's!

i spied with my little eye on instagram
that the lovely henpin
had been shopping with SM....
..not wishing to feel left out in any way..
...i popped in a little order for myself..
(tee hee)
which arrived this very morning!

...some fabulous wallpaper...
 and some amazing vintage eidy fabric....

...all set for a crafty weekend!
what are you up to?



  1. oooooh lucky to the steam fair later...mainly for some real cider!
    I have that mug too.....
    Daisy x

  2. Ooh I can't wait to see what you make with your lovely purchases!

    Enjoy the last day of August, won't you?

    Love Claire xxx

  3. ooh - might have to treat myself to that issue of country living!

  4. Pretty photos, pretty purchases! SM lives in a village just down the road from me! Chrissie x

  5. Great little booklet isn't it, I love the table mat idea! :) x

  6. Scrumptious Miss Squirrel!! Scrumptious! Going to have a browse me self....We have a family DOooo must get me glad rags on! Happy weekend hugs to YOU! Love Maria x

  7. I find Sarah's books so beautiful and very inspiring. I have had a go at her bunny but he came out a bit scary! whoops!

    Those wallpapers and fabrics are gorgeous, I might have to take a look too. enjoy your crafty weekend x

  8. Ooooh... truly lovely!
    Knitting some lovely socks whilst watching cricket .. that's the extent of my exciting weekend so far ;-)
    Have a happy one,

  9. I got the supplement too.Loving her bunnies!! I'm getting ready for my hols later in the week, nothing crafty I'm afraid.

  10. How sweet dose all this look...might have to go bye me a copy..

  11. Those bunnies and kitties waiting in the basket ... I just want to scoop them all up !

  12. Oh this sounds lovely, I may have to purchase that issue of country living...
    M x

  13. A basket of Bunnies and kittens.........dreamy.
    Look at that truly scrumptious eiderdown pretty.
    Love V

  14. I love the bunny and kitty basket! :-)

  15. Just calling in to say that you probably are not too fond of that mug so best that you donate it to a good home.....please
    Best wishes

  16. I spied this too and you do make it looks ever so tempting. Maybe I should take another look.

    Nina x

  17. i wonder if i can find that mag in Australia...? hmm i may have to start hunting!!


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