Wednesday, 28 August 2013

farewell my summer love........

farewell my summer love farewell...'s been fun....

...we've shared good times....

...but we knew where this was heading.... know in my heart
i will always want you....

...but we both know you're not what i need...

....and now it's time to say goodbye....

...i will miss you my summer love....


  1. Well I like your Summer Love's hat! ;) Jane x

  2. Ha Ha....does this mean no croissants tomorrow?????
    I have linked to you in my post today .....funny that...
    D xxxxxx

  3. Oh nooo ... I could never give up my toast. Good luck! M x

  4. Ooh couldn't do it! Whatever would I put my butter on? xxx

  5. oooh dear! no toast and marmite, toast and jam, toast and peanut butter, just toast, no pret sandwiches! good luck with that then... xx

  6. Oh I don't think I could do it!!! My Mr has done it a few times though to prepare for races etc and he assures me, it makes you feel great...! Thank you for the lovely comments you left on my blog. I will definitely be back to visit yours.
    M x

  7. I'm with Claire on this one - oodles of yummy butter melting on crispy hot toast.... Nope, sorry, can't even imagine giving that up. Be strong, for summer will return again next year ;-)


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