Sunday, 4 August 2013 heaven in vintage Heydon....... here i am on holiday in north norfolk.....
.....and i have spied a vintage fair!!!!
despite aggressive family protestations i played the
'but it's my birthday tomorrow' card...
.....and i managed to negotiate 1 hour to go! turned out to be a lucky decision... was wonderfully nostalgic...
racks of vintage clothes and memorabilia laid out on the ground...
....basking in the sunshine to an old gramophone playing in the background... lipstick and victory rolls....tea and cake.....
....a very british affair....
...i fell in love with all of these dresses..amazing fabrics....
oh and just as I was running out of time...
(hot,sweaty,flustered and slightly hyperventilating with over excitement)
...i realised I was standing at the wonderful Bobo Bun's stall!!!!!
....lisa's stall was just beautiful...full of pattern and colour...
just like her gorgeous blog......
...i couldn't resist an amazing embroidered cot sheet...
...and one of lisa's adorable button bags( pictured below)..... was such a special bonus to have another
bloggy meet-up.....i hope we can meet again
...perhaps not quite so rushed and flustered next time!?
..after desperately scraping around in the bottom of my exhausted purse
to buy some lovely trimmings....i spotted these amazing buttons...
.....they looked like macaroons....
....but had literally no pennies left......sob! is a little round up of todays holiday vintage treasures...
.....and of course there had to be a rescue involved.....
...mog was crying out to be squirrelled..?
. could i resist?


  1. LOOK AT ALL THE GOODIES !! I adore that last one.

  2. What a treat! Your vintage holiday treasures are sweet - well chosen!

  3. Ooh what a lovely day out and Happy, Happy Birthday!

    How lovely to meet Lisa! Last year I met Rachelle from Tales of Ted and Agnes and got a bit tongue-tied and star struck! Well, I mean ... The co-author of Granny Chic ... celebrity indeed! Bobo Bun was one of the first blogs I ever read, so I probably would have been equally silly if I'd stumbled upon Lisa as you did ...

    Lovely pictures, and I love all your buys!

    Have a marvellous Monday, with lots of birthday cake

    Love Claire xxx

  4. What a find - treasures and a lovely blogger! Enjoy the rest of your holiday. Ellie x

  5. First off Happy Birthday to you - have a glorious day. It was a lovely surprise bumping into you like that, would have loved to have been able to chat more like you say. Glad you loved Heydon, it's my favourite fair by far, the atmosphere is always so good, and coming over all blushy at your lovely words. I can't think of a better home for the cot sheet. I've had it for years, but always forgotten to take it to a fair so it was clearly waiting for you you see.


  6. Happy Birthday darling girl....and a little one for yesterday too....Dxxxxx

  7. Ooooh marvellous goodies there, I was very envious seeing your IG photos! So glad you had a good time and got to meet the lovely Lisa, too. Happy (belated) birthday!
    Hen x

  8. What a lovely place to spend your pennies , I like the button bag...
    Happy Birthday too

  9. I have met Cass-Greenorchid and Claire I felt shy, as if meeting imaginary friends but they were real! I spy another of those felt purses like that blue one...must show you mine, I love them. Sending virtual birthday wishes. Eco Ethel (I'm real)xx

  10. I can't think of a better way to spend a birthday! Such treasures, such fun! -- Jan

  11. What wonderful treasure to bring home and I especially love that little red purse xx

  12. Looks wonderful! I'm glad to hear that you had a great time :)

  13. That all looks amazing! Happy belated birthday to you :)

  14. ~ Oooh behind as usual, but here I am! Hello miss Squirrel! How lovely, to simply fall upon a vintage fair and get to meet Mrs Bobo Bun all in one! LOVE the pictures but most especially the vintage kittie in her very best dress in the last picture! BEAUTIFUL! will she be a keeper I wonder? ~Happy belated birthday to you also! It looks the perfect birthday to me! Hugs and summery kisses, Maria x


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