Thursday, 25 July 2013

....getting back in the groove...

i don't know about you...
but all the heat just scuppered my crafting spirit....
...i just couldn't sew...
...but today I found my mojo...
....I was back in the groove...
....but as I sat down to some fair isle badger sweaters...
....i couldn't bear the idea of wrapping them up in jumpers.... i rummaged in my fabric stash..
....and made vintage dresses instead!
....phew that's better!
...look at this amazing little crafty emporium on the beach!
....the stuff that dreams are made on...
....that's gone on my birthday wish list!
..make the most of the sunshine while it lasts!


  1. Ahh much better in this hot weather!

  2. Oh that's lovely! Don't know if you follow my blog at all but hubby has just bought me a caravan to use as a crafting room!

  3. Your badgers look lovely and summery xx

  4. Wow super cute little badger girls and love that craft shop! Never mind no sewing I feel like I've been away from all things crafty and vintage for far too long. Just been catching up with your posts and see not only did I miss T4T in my own town on my birthday no less, but a giveaway too. My boss has been poorly and all of a sudden my day job was all I was living and breathing! Dusted the sewing machine down today though, phew.
    Ellie x

  5. That little beach hut would just fit in the corner of my garden ...

    Love the little sundresses ... t'would have been very cruel to put them in fair isle ... very scratchy in this weather!

    Love Claire xx

  6. Sew Sew pretty and loving those Toadies.....D x

  7. Aaaah the little badger is so adorable. I love Thriftwood's idea of having the beach hut in the corner of a garden - how fabulous would that be! xx

  8. Aw, I just love Miss Badgers little vintage dresses! My Mr Badger is probably feeling the heat here in his jumper but he's not complaining ... not to me, anyways, he may have mentioned something to the Misses Ellie & Chick though ;-)
    Ooh, how fab would that little caravan be!
    Have a lovely weekend,

  9. I want a beach hut ... I want a beach hut.... Love those sundress and the shrooms are way to cute ~ Sarah x

  10. How about badgers in bikinis? Trying to work out how to steal that push and I'll pull. EE xx

  11. I like their stripy arms and legs. They are lovely.

  12. They are lovely! and the fabric of their dresses is fantastic, you must have an interesting stash of fabrics. I haven't bothered to do any making for a couple of weeks now! x

  13. Adorable!
    Could you make me one of those dresses please?!! X

  14. you are sew very clever....

  15. They're just gorgeous! And well done on finding your mojo - I'm still too hot to do much - am hoping for rain today to clear the air! xxx

  16. They they are just super, yes little dresses in this heat, the jumpers can wait! It was so great meeting you Mrs VS! :) xxx

  17. The badgers are precious x

  18. Little badger's so cute ... sweet toadstools too. Clever Miss!! M x

  19. Awsome colors, patterns and feeling! Have a lovely summer!


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