Wednesday, 31 July 2013

...i'm going where the sun shines brightly......

..hooray i'm off on my hols in the morning...

...well i always like to keep optimistic... guarantees of sunshine...
...but north norfolk is one of my most favourite places....

...we have had some fabulous days in dorset...

...these are pictures of 'beer'...
...a lovely dorset coastal village...

...we have shared some happy times with
visiting friends and family...

...big breakfasts...
...chips on the beach..
...pimms and late nights... doubt there's more of this to come..
...but i'll worry about the diet
 on my return!

..wishing you all happy days..
..wherever you are..
..whatever you are doing...
..back soon!
love squirrel


  1. Have a wonderful holiday.Hope you get some lovely weather.

  2. Happy holidays Emma - have fun and I hope the sun shines. Mr & Miss Badger arrived safe & sound, thanks so much, they are just gorgeous and will be off to their new home in the Netherlands later this week :-)

  3. Have lots of fun ... hopefully in the sun! M x

  4. We've seen it in the lets see if it's true... hope so. EE xx

  5. Have a fabulous time x

  6. Oooh lucky you! We love North Norfolk too. We've just returned from a week in Blakeney, love it there and have had many a happy time sitting by the quayside watching the world go by. Have a lovely time...Helen xx

  7. Ooh have a wonderful time, can't wait to see the photographic evidence!

    Love Claire xxx

  8. We were swimming in the sea at wells yesterday it was bliss. You'll have a wonderful time in that magical place. Happy hols. X

  9. A beautiful part of the country, have a fab time! :) x

  10. Yay! I hope you have an amazing time and that you get at least a little bit of sunshine :)

  11. hope you have a great time,happy holidays!xxx

  12. It's great there! I've been a few times and we love it there, have a great time. x


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